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Screengrab from website Should Consider Sponsoring Publish0x With Their CRO Coin

By Epy | The Mixed Blog | 17 May 2021

If you've been in the cryptocurrency world, then surely you've seen one or more of's ads. Even on free Bitcoin generating websites like Cointiply are wall offers to earn coins for signing up. Simply put based on's huge marketing presence it's no secret that they want your business.

The problem with "referral codes" and "signing up" is that people are flighty and suspicious of ads, even if they're legit crypto financial institutions like However, if and Publish0x were to team up for a marketing blitz, it would be a triple win. A win-win-win if you will.

Why a win for

Well, for starters it would mean they could engage an active set of customers with little-to-no effort, because simply budgeting an amount of CRO for Publish0x to distribute means that these new customers would utilize's app or exchange to cash out OR use the CRO for their other products. That's a lot of new guaranteed exposure that ads don't necessarily provide.

In terms of "cost" to for such a partnership, according to the Publish0x's own material they paid out ~$18,500 worth of crypto spread across 3 different coins to about ~7,000 active users for the month of April (and that's just those who wanted to transfer their coins away from Publish0x). Now, imagine if joined the fray and sponsored even an additional $9,000 worth of CRO each month for 12 months to distribute for payouts to Publish0x users. That's a lot of positive exposure and not to mention I'm sure the users of Publish0x would look kindly on a nice little pay-bump for the next 12 months courtesy of

Why a win for Publish0x?

First this gives Publish0x an emerging partner that can potentially serve as another suitable exchange solution for their users. Native CRO has a gas fee of only 0.0001 CRO. That's dirt cheap and extremely fair in terms of transferring from Publish0x. Second this gives Publish0x a nice boost in funding to reward their writers and readers, while demonstrating that their model of being sponsored could work fairly well.

Lastly if the experience is well met from all sides, this opens the possibility of some other collaborations between Publish0x and as future partners. This is obviously speculation, but it's easy to see this relationship blossoming long-term.

Why a win for YOU the reader and writer?

There are a few reasons why this would be good for you. The first is CRO is a good coin with a growing ecosystem (Easy-to-use app, an exchange, and a Defi wallet). Second, it's based on Cosmos/Tendermint and has a great amount of latent potential on its mainnet meaning DAPPS/smart contracts will eventually be launched.

Next it bears mentioning a second time that the low fees for transferring CRO is a huge bonus. This is because even modest gas fees for Eth tokens cost a huge chunk of your earnings if you transfer on chain. The CRO coin itself has plenty of room to grow of course, for those of you who prefer to keep your coins stashed away until it moons.

Lastly the ecosystem is already pretty good in its own right (even with the mainnet being earlier in development). It has a lot of services and products you can use with CRO. Some of these products include Pay (to perform transactions with crypto), their prepaid VISA debit rewards card that gives CRO back for spending regular fiat monies, their interest products on app, and lastly their Defi Wallet that allows you to earn a whopping 14.5% variable interest on CRO.

What can WE do about it?

The best we can really do is ask's CEO Kris Marszalek to consider sponsoring Publish0x, and of course for Publish0x to also be receptive to such a deal. I'll tweet Kris (@Kris_HK) the article and ask to see what he thinks (with respect to how busy he probably is). Obviously my examples above are strictly examples, so this win-win-win may be a less suitable arrangement in practical terms than we suspect. Then again perhaps both parties are interested in an even more favorable of a deal. However, there's no telling until we until we ask!


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