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bright box: A blackout poem from page 7 of The Matrix Screenplay

It’s been more than 40 days since I took a break, a sort of vow of silence, in regards to one famous app. I think one benefit of this is that I discovered Publish0x. Also, I had more time to work on content for my new Publish0x blogs.

Michelle Thielen, the founder of a Christian Yoga school called YogaFaith outlines the benefits of silence: “You feel more in touch with the universe and yourself…you’re more creative, you’re more articulate, you get less angry and your negative emotions take a back seat. You’re more aware of your emotions and what you’re thinking, feeling and saying.”

Blackout poetry could be looked at as a type of “silence poetry”. All the noise of extra words is blacked out and the silence of the specific words needed to create the poem is left. Kristina Marie Darling, in “Silence in Poetry” writes: “…it is the space between words that sets off language, the dim background against which a light becomes visible.”

“bright box” is the title of this blackout poem, created from page 7 of The Matrix screenplay.

empty shadows
the bright box of


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The Matrix Blackout Poems
The Matrix Blackout Poems

Blackout poems created from The Matrix screenplay.

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