Diabetes prevention app - 1 year of testing

By Heruvim78 | The longevity gene | 27 Feb 2024


So, #februaryinleo is approaching the end, and today will be #noveltytuesday. What have we got for today?

I used an app for the last 12 months looking to prevent a pre-diabetic state (that time when you are close to having diabetes, but you do not have it yet). It is called Oviva, and it is quite an interesting option to keep tabs on some metrics, even if it is a bit of an effort to top up the information manually.


You have a tracker where you track your meals, either by making a picture of the meal using AI to determine what you got (this one is failing miserably to recognize the food), or manually introducing the data. You name your meal and add the ingredients from a list (not quite a long one, so you need to generalize a bit). Then you track bowel movements, useful also to spot a pattern and see when something is changing. You have the fluid intake, and how much you drink, and while I try to have at least 1500 ml daily, sometimes I do not cover this. These are the preset options, to say it somehow, and on top of that you can add some personalized ones, I added 'Avoid sugary drinks' as soft drinks are my soft spot, and I try to get better at it, and '1 Yoga session daily' looking to stretch a bit and preserve my mobility and balance until advanced age, this one being also a bit of hit and miss.

Then it was a chat, where you had some diabetes prevention experts to ask for advice or extra support if needed. Also, a group of people confronting the same issues as you.

The third feature was a Learn section, with some interesting short articles related to diabetes prevention.

The last bit is my favourite, the progress section, where you can see statistics and graphs related to your activity and physical traits, I tracked my weight, blood sugar, waist circumference, bowel movements and blood pressure. Starting from 91 kg, I managed to reach a nice 83-84 kg now, with maybe getting to the ideal weight, given another year of training. Blood sugar, taken in the morning before a meal, went slightly up, from a 5.9 average to a 6.1 (I need to stop having those soft drinks). My waist circumference, when I started, was 42 inches, but lately, I have even reached 39 inches once. The blood pressure seems to be the same, with no major changes. You can even check your fluid intake and activity levels, via graphs. There are also some lists checking your treats, fruits and veg, oil and spreads, starchy carbohydrates, protein and dairies, and while I tend to have a bit of too many treats, and not enough fruits and veg, or oils, the rest of them are alright.

Overall, my experience with the app was positive, and made me notice how much I eat, when I am bad and when I am good, and changed a bit my relation with the food, as the simple act of writing it will make you aware of how much and how often you do it.

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