Coronavirus self-isolation - Day 14

By Heruvim78 | The longevity gene | 3 Apr 2020

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Two weeks are gone, and not much done today, i slept well, got my plant remedies, did the guitar lesson, the spanish lesson in the garden for a bit of fresh air. I had my lunch, and after that i was watching a bit on telly, and i had my daily training. Today was high intensity, and my spleen has something to say after all was done. But i am improving, even if i think i am getting a bit of extra weight from being too sedentary, as compared to my normal days when i would easily walk 10 km per day. I played few games on the PC, and now probably i will watch again Captain America: The Winter Soldier before going to bed. 

I was reading something very interesting and promising, and i would share it with you. Some researchers are looking from out of the box solutions related to coronavirus, and the general consensus is that you need to do the research and find the 'magic bullet' to kill the virus. But this action got like 2-5% chance to become real in the next year, so the idea was that we do not need 'magic bullets', but 'magic shields'. In order to solve the virus problem, is better to not have it at all, instead of treating it successfully. 

There are some pathways explored, like the melatonin action on some specific receptors and the Vitamin C high dose, with worked quite well in flu like illnesses. Avoiding infected people should be the cardinal rule, even if it is a bit hard in real life situations. But if you are not exposed to a lot of pathogens and your immune system is working perfectly, this could lower the impact on your body. Improving your gut microbiota response by eating microbiota friendly meals and avoiding chemicals, artificial substances and sugar, and having some prebiotics and probiotics (read this, this and this post) can also help. 

I test next week a fasting-mimicking diet (FMD), most probably it will take 5 days, from Wednesday until Sunday. I will describe this in a future post. 

I will update you as i will find more information about all this. 

Stay well!


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The longevity gene
The longevity gene

And when i say longevity i mean a bigger health span, as opposed to the well known life span. It is not enough to live longer, if you are not healthy, so do not forget what our immortal James Dean said: 'It is important to die young, but as late as possible!'. I will explore many unorthodox ways, ranging from gut microbiota manipulation to ancient Ayurveda ritual, trying to combine them in an ample resource, from which you can get and apply whatever is better for you at the present moment.

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