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We all get cozy and dope when we use different ranges of wireless devices, even now you could charge your devices without plugging them into power sources.



Apparently, this is no magic or tricks when you connect two devices together without using wires and coaxial cables, this stuffs works at some transmission frequency and some with some Electromagnetic Field effects beyond ordinary human eyes/observations.



But the concrete truth is that this Sensors, Bluetooth, Li-Fi, Mi-Fi, Wi-Fi, etc. emits some tiny bits of radiations which has impacts on the human body and health after a long time of extreme exposures.


RF radiations; if highly exposed to for a long time might result in a lot of diseases like Brain Tumor, Cancer and at times you might find it very difficult to concentrate because of some acute fatigue which comes as a result of the long time of exposures. For example;

- some who are fond of making calls while charging phones,
- using Bluetooth Headsets excessively,
- Putting your device on your bare body while in use etc.

>Pulse radiation is a wireless technology used by Bluetooth Technology which is carried by microwaves. This is dangerous to health because their very short wavelength allows the transmission of pulses with extremely rapid rise and fall times and this rate of field change does the biological damages...Dr. Andew Goldsworthy






Now that we can see the dangers of Pulse radiations, what is really scary and alarming is the many exposures of kids/children to this High-Frequency Radiations using some Wi-Fi devices at home or at schools. Many apartment buildings with several Wi-fi signals are strongly discouraged health-wise for infants.


One of the instantly noticeable effects is chronic sleep disorder which is one of the mildest consequences of heavy Wi-Fi radiations. Sadly, people just see it as some lack of sleep!



Briefly highlighted below are some of the shocking hazards of much exposure to Wi-Fi radiations:

- Earlier stated, it causes a chronic sleep disorder, a key to Insomnia.

- Linked to cancer because of it's high-level of Electromagnetic radiations.

- Renders sperms watery.

- Hampers brain functionalities.

- Could cause infertility both in male and female.

- Fetal development can be damaged in children. There is a huge disruption of protein synthesis as stated by Austrian Researchers in 2009.







As much as all these given facts are scary, but can we really do away with Technology totally? The answer is clearly NO!


The best we could do is to limit our exposure rate and try staying healthy. Facts have it that some drugs and foods supplements aid the rapid negative effects of these radiations in the human body.




Stay healthy, stay safe and if you have or had experienced any of these side effects, kindly leave a comment in the comment session for us all to gain from it, Thanks.




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The Lion Strategy
The Lion Strategy

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