Nevada Governor and Las Vegas Casinos are more at fault than realized

By Wolf2015 | The Liberty Blog | 6 Oct 2020

In an article written by the review Journal in September 2020, It was determined that casinos were loosing employees, and did not have any true evidence that a particular casino was the reason for an infection.


We decided to investigate this from another perspective. Since it is realized that you can always find some information to support any theory which you may have, no matter how flimsy, we decided to look into some interesting facts.


We set our sites on Boulder Station, a casino on the Boulder HWY strip, rather the Las Vegas BLVD. Strip. What we have found out should shock you. Based on the recent article of actual evidence with masks you can see that masks are a true ramification of individuals getting sick


Now What we are about to share is true, however, we can not give names of the affected individual workers, for it would violate The privacy Act of 1976. On looking into the dealings of the Casino, we have found that masks for their entire shift is mandatory. In the time of writing this article Boulder Station has on medical a Pit Boss, and A security Officer. Both seemed to develop the symptoms of Cerebral Palsy.


This alone shows that the Managers of the Casino, the Owners, and the Governors are responsible for these illnesses and through Vicarious Liability need to be held accountable. That is by law. These events that have happened make Operation Squeeze look like the right path.


Due to the fact both workers were there for a while, and due to the fact they did not have these symptoms before the mask mandate, it is clear that the Governor of Nevada, and the Casino Owners need to be held accountable for the damage that was done.


The real question is how many more workers will fall prey to similar symptoms? How many more people will we loose due to the Incompetent actions of our Governors, and business owners who clearly have no knowledge of what is truly going on?





Original Article From Las Vegas Review Journal

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