Boarder Wall Doing it's Job.. President Trump Promised, and Delivering.

By Wolf2015 | The Liberty Blog | 3 Nov 2019

You do not have to be a great detective like Sherlock Holmes, or The Hardy Boys, to plainly see the effect that the Boarder Wall is doing. From the Boarder Patrol's own numbers sixty percent of the illegal migrants have been decreased coming into our country. For those complete idiots out there, let me spell this out in a way you can understand. You do not just let any one into your home do you? Do you not VET them, meaning ask who they are, and why they are here? Of course you do. The same is for our country. No one should just be allowed in unless they are vetted.


This measure has also put a huge dent in the corrupt Democrats Fund Raising ability. There are some key people dropping out of the 2020 race. Recently Beto O'Rourke dropped out of the Presidential race, and that was music to many. The amount of candidates that will continue to run is unknown at this time.


With the decrease in the drug trafficking, Human Trafficking there seems to be a major decrease in the illegal funds coming into the Democratic National Convention funds. This has many criminals that have done some pretty bad crimes to panic. Think about it, never before in our Nations History has a former President like Obama come out and completely try to undermine the current Administration. Never before has a former President Lie to the American People calling a "Republican Conspiracy" when all the REAL EVIDENCE, DOCUMENTS, and FACTS show full well OBAMA is A TRAITOR and a LIAR.

These People are Panicking like they have never before. The old Guard just simply brushed their crimes under the rug, and they would never be punished like the average citizen would. Even Rock Stars and Actors went to jail for similar crimes, but not them. 

Now there is a real President in the Oval Office that will get Justice and he is not a part of them. Why would they attack him so viciously if he was? Why would they Attack "Q" When every military person Knows "Q" is one of the Highest Security Clearances in the United States? The answer should be plain by now. Millions in the #WALKAWAY movement, Many registered Democrats are rallying for Trump, and Thousands upon Thousands show up at this person's rallies.

I am going to prove the Crooked DNC are in very Big trouble. The funds are not coming in as it once was, The expenses especially to the crooked Perkins Coie which received,$2,630,555. These expenditures and their donors are of public record and will be left in the reference link below for all of you to do your own research.


The time has come to truly ask yourself, "What is really going on here?" You do not have to have confirmation from anyone. We ANONS know we do not have to have any confirmation from anyone, because all you need to know is what is already inside of your own heart and soul.


DNC adds to Debt after falling...


A LAG in FUNDRAISING cast a doubt on DNC 2020 Influence




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