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I was humbled when I saw my a tip about Publish0x site-wide statistics!

Thank you to the Publish0x community for supporting my posts over the past few days. This is what I saw when I selected the "Statistics" button under my Dashboard:

Views over the past 4 days


The number of views for my posts is simply stunning, considering my historical numbers. I decided to write this post after reflecting on a recent conversation in the Comments section with new author, DrYunani.

Conversation w DrYunani


I can attribute the success to my four previous posts that were very well received.


My last 4 posts


The support that I have received is very humbling. Thank you to everyone! ❤️

While on the topic of statistics, I would like to bring your attention to a post by an author who I follow, Searching for Truth, who pointed out that Publish0x site-wide statistics are available over daily, weekly or monthly intervals.

Searching for Truth Publish0x site stats


Just like him, this little link at the bottom of the site page was new to me.

Location of link for Publish0x site wide stats


Please visit him and say hello if you get an opportunity.


Thank you for reading, and stay safe!


Graphics by Publish0x, modified by the author for this post

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