New Year New Parallel Economy

Happy New Year!

People are energized about 2022. Can you feel it?

I know Americans who are launching their own businesses, starting families, and basically saying “screw you” to the elites who are STILL trying to fear monger us about c*vid.

Of course, there are many battles to come…

  • Places like DC, NY, & Chicago have announced war on the unvaccinated.
  • Roe V. Wade could be overturned this year. Which will be 24/7 news.
  • And tech censorship will surely ramp up amidst the 2022 elections.

But the tide is turning. Americans are waking up and ready for change!

Last week I received feedback from some of you boiling down to “yo Beavs, we want less news and more SOLUTIONS”

Message received.

Bad messages are being constantly spewed everywhere by those in power.

To combat this, we need God, and an alternative lifestyle to what’s become “normal” in society.

Here are some examples:

  1. Focus on family over career
  2. Support alternative media outlets and individuals
  3. Stop funding corporations that hate you
  4. Support small local businesses
  5. Leave woke churches
  6. Ditch big tech

Over the next few months, The Hungry Beaver will focus on bringing these alternative solutions straight to your inbox so you can starting building amidst a culture that’s obsessed with destroying.

Shoot, we’ll even create our own parallel economy if we have to.

Think about it: If the government is going to start denying us food and firing us for not getting doing what they say, calling us domestic terrorists for going to school board meetings, and gaslighting us in the face of massive inflation, then we have to build our own economy.

I know this may sound crazy, but many people have already started this frontier. And the movement is gaining momentum by the day.

Did you hear Marjorie Green Taylor was just kicked off Twitter? Did you know Joe Rogan just signed up for GETTR and already has over 8 million followers?

Like I said. More momentum by the day…

I’m pumped for 2022, are you?

God bless,


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The Hungry Beaver
The Hungry Beaver

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