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Carbon12 - The crypto for Christians

27 Jul 2022 3 minute read 0 comments JaksHitam

in view that forever in the past, Christians have made essential commitments to innovation and science. Devotees affected the shift from geocentrism to heliocentrism, observed the electron, fostered the print device, and delivered the unification of...

This week in 3 words: We’ve been duped (The Rundown 3/4)

4 Mar 2022 1 minute read 0 comments The Hungry Beaver

The Rundown — March 4th Biden gaslights the nation — Instead of focusing on topics Americans care about (like our open southern border and skyrocketing inflation), Biden talked about transing the kids and FUNDING police during his SOTU. Sheesh! If it...

Alternative Social Media ----> Alt Payments

4 Jan 2022 1 minute read 2 comments The Hungry Beaver

Woah. PayPal just banned The Gateway Pundit without warning. One of the top 250 websites in the U.S. with over 900,000,000 page views in 2021 received the ban hammer right before new years for extremely vague reasons. They did it during "limbo week"...

New Year New Parallel Economy

4 Jan 2022 1 minute read 7 comments The Hungry Beaver

Happy New Year! People are energized about 2022. Can you feel it? I know Americans who are launching their own businesses, starting families, and basically saying “screw you” to the elites who are STILL trying to fear monger us about c*vid. Of course...