Bitmax introduces SWINGBY staking - up to 65%!

On July the 29th Bitmax listed SWINGBY as a tradeable and stakeable token on their website.

For a minimum of 20 SWINGBY (about $5) users can stake their SWINGBY, which is currently offering a 50% per annum interest rate with projections it will reach up to 65%.



Swingby is a token which offers near-instant cross-blockchain swaps between differing blockchains, allowing for users to, for example, instantly exchange an ERC-20 token such as LINK or a stablecoin for BTC. 


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The history and public view of cryptocurrencies
The history and public view of cryptocurrencies

In this blog, I examine how the public views cryptocurrencies, and how the situation we are in today came to be.

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