Green Energy Is A Scam

By Liberty John | The Hero You Need | 5 Sep 2022


Oil Pump And Refinery At Night


I see a lot of the kids excited about electric cars and solar panels n stuff n such. I guess I'm just getting old, but I don't get it. Fossil fuels are the power of our modern world. Without them, a few billion of us will die. Solar power does have some limited uses, but on a large scale, all these green energy scams are just scams. They all rely on fossil fuels to function. Nuclear energy might be a good replacement, but we'll see.

Look at Europe right now. They've spent the past 30 years buying into every climate change grift that came down the pipe. They've been wrecking their standard of living to go green for that long too. Now all it takes is Russia shutting off the gas line, and the Eurofags are doomed.

As an American, I take great pleasure in the suffering of Eurotrash. However, us Gringos aren't far behind them. We've been restricting our own ability to produce cheap energy for decades too. What Europe is suffering now, the US will suffer soon if we don't change course.

Every human being who doesn't want to die soon needs to oppose the entire WEF agenda. Oppose electric cars. Oppose any sort of climate change nonsense. Oppose green energy. Oppose ESG nonsense. Oppose Beyond Meat. Oppose those things like your life depends on it, because it does.

Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas will be absolute necessities for the rest of your natural life, no matter how much tax money you flush down the green toilet.

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Liberty John
Liberty John

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The Hero You Need
The Hero You Need

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