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Brave Browser is Best Browser and Search Engine

By Liberty John | The Hero You Need | 21 Sep 2022

Why are you still using Google Chrome? You know they are spying on you. There's a browser that won't spy on you. It's called the Brave browser. 

If you want to opt out of the Church of Woke's Silicon Valley Dystopia, you need to download the Brave Browser. Brave is private, secure (relatively speaking), and it just works great. Brave has recently launched a new search engine too. It's MUCH more private than Google, and it's about time more people started using any other search engine than a Google search engine. Let's break the power of the WEF. 

Actual Image of Me Shaving

Brave's Founder Was An Early Victim of Cancel Culture

Let me tell you a story about a man named Brendan Eich. 

Brendan was a computer programmer. He was one hell of a programmer! 

Mr. Eich began working for Netscape in the wild and crazy days of 1995. 1995 is when the internet really hit the big time. In those days, the big brain computer guys were having a hard time getting the internet to work smoothly on different machines and browsers. Solutions were scrambled for. Brendan spent 10 days working feverishly because Netscape was in direct competition with the Microsoft Leviathan. When he was done, he'd created JavaScript. 

You probably know, but in case you don't know, JavaScript is a computer programming language. It has since grown to become one of the most widely used programming languages in the world, and makes up most web applications. The internet as we know it today would not exist without JavaScript (JS). So you could say that Brendan Eich has a much better claim to being the inventor of the internet than even the great sexual predator Al Gore has.  

In 1998, Mr. Eich left Netscape and cofounded Mozilla. You may remember them from such browsers as Firefox. Yeah, he basically invented the Firefox Browser too. Well, a funny thing happened in 2014. Brendan Eich had been leading a different division of Mozilla, and was going to be made the full blown CEO. Some libtards didn't like him and they did some digging. They found that in 2008 he had donated some money to a group opposing same sex marriage in California. They won by the way. Imagine that. Same sex marriage LOST in California when put on the ballot. No worries though because they forced it through the courts a little bit later. Democracy amirite? 

The amount of money he had donated was very small, $1,000. For a po boy like me that's a lot, but Brendan was already a multimillionaire by then so him donating $1k was like you tossing a dollar into the Salvation Army kettle on your way into Walmart during Christmas. He did the usual rolling over and showing his belly to the LGBTQ mafia, but they weren't having it. The early engines of cancel culture got revved up, and Brendan was not only ousted as the CEO of a company he had founded, but was banished from the company altogether. 

However, Mr. Eich was not the type of guy to sit around whining about how he was done wrong. The dude rolled up his sleeves and got busy building another company. That company was Brave. And it's glorious! 

As a prologue to the ballad of Brendan Eich, the guy has even been on the right side of the 2020 pandemic nonsense. Hero! 

So What is Brave Anyway?

To create Brave, they basically took Google Chrome, and stripped out all the nasty spyware. The result is a browser that works great, runs fast, and as a plus will run all your favorite Chrome extensions just as well or better than Chrome itself will. Here are the highlights of Brave.

1. You Can Make Money Just By Using the Brave Browser 

Simply by doing your ordinary web browsing, you'll make some BAT tokens. BAT is a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20). BAT stands for "Basic Attention Token." You can make more BAT by opting in to ads from Brave. If you're into cryptocurrency at all, you'll find the ads relevant. When crypto is really booming, it can add up to significant money just doing monthly browsing. During the last big bull market my BAT rewards monthly were over $20 a month. Now that crypto is in the crapper my monthly BAT payout is much less, but still a few bucks a month in my pocket just for doing things I was doing anyway. You can then DeFi your BAT for higher earnings. 

If cryptocurrency isn't your thing, (why are you on my website?) you can just ignore the whole crypto aspect and use Brave Browser and search without paying any attention to the crypto side of things. 

If you do get into the cryptocurrency side of Brave, you'll need to sign up for the Uphold Wallet to get your BAT payouts. Note - This is a referral link. If you sign up with Uphold I might get a little kickback.

2. Browse the Internet With Relative Privacy

Brave Browser, and Brave Search use tracking and ad blockers. This means you can browse the internet with more privacy and security. Remember though, true internet privacy is something that most likely doesn't exist, but if it does, it will require more knowledge and work than you'll ever get from this blog post. 

3. Browse the Internet With Greater Speed 

By blocking the massive amounts of spyware and trackers that most websites carry these days, Brave is downloading less data from each website. This allows Brave to download webpages much faster than other browsers.

You may have trouble with certain websites. If you do your banking online for example, your bank's website may demand the ability to track you and may not work in standard Brave mode. Not to worry, Brave built a quick and easy "Shields Down" button for you to click for websites that you trust. This allows the tracking, but will usually make a difficult site work just fine.

4. Brave Search Is A Logical Addition

Brave has recently added a search engine to their services. Almost all internet searches these days go through Google, which gives that evil company power over all of us. The more search we can route through anyone other than Google, the better off humanity will be. 

Duck Duck Go used to be sold as the privacy friendly and censorship resistant search engine, but they admitted during the Scamdemic that they had been lying all along. Duck Duck Go isn't private and deliberately hides any websites people like Klaus Schwab don't like. 

Brave Search works great! I use it more than any other search engine and I get great results. 

5. You Too Can Advertise On Brave

If you're a content creator, or a business that can benefit from online advertising, it might behoove you to buy some BAT and advertise on Brave your ownself. I can tell you, I've signed up for a few services that I've seen advertised on Brave. I've NEVER signed up for any business I've heard advertised on the radio before. Look into it! If this website ever starts to make me some money, I'm 100% going to reinvest some of those profits into advertising on Brave.

Be Brave and Opt Out of Silicon Valley

I've been using Brave Browser for years. It's made me hundreds of dollars in BAT tokens. It gets better all the time. Try it out. As I stated above, if you don't want to mess with the cryptocurrency aspect you can still easily use Brave and enjoy increased privacy and security. What are you waiting for? Download and install Brave now. This is not an affiliate link, I just really want to get you on Brave. 




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