Free FIO Giveaway on Coinmarketcap [Quiz Answers included!]

By Kuroshio | The Good Things in Life | 30 Apr 2021

The latest giveaway on the Coinmarketcap Learn & Earn program is a project called FIO Protocol. The Learn & Earn program on Coinmarketcap involves watching videos, reading about, and  then answering a quiz about a new crypto project, participants are then rewarded with that project's token. It requires a coinmarketcap account, as well as a Binance account, where the rewards will be sent to. They have already distributed tokens for many great new projects, some of which have gained a decent amount of value!

First, a little about the currently highlighted project.

FIO is an extra layer that transforms your crypto address from an complicated string of letters and numbers into a easy to read and comprehend address. The goal is to make crypto transactions easier, more accessible, and less error prone. In essence, a typical crypto address that may look something like this:


with FIO would be transformed to something like:

[email protected]

Essiantally FIO seeks to do for blockchain what http did for the internet. Then comes the FIO token, this has many functions, including paying fees associated with registering user domains and addresses, staking for governance purposes and rewarding the service providers and block producers for maintaining the decentralization of the ecosystem.

The FIO Address NFT is your unique address that you can claim and register at It follows the format of [email protected], where username is your unique name, and wallet is the exchange or wallet provider.

How to participate in the giveaway.

First make sure you have an account on

You will need the e-mail associated with your account to join the giveaway.

You also need a Binance account, as this is where your reward will be deposited. If you don't currently have a Binance account, please consider registering with my referral code - ZHVTL6I6 to get 10% off your trading fees.

Next, navigate to the Learn & Earn site

Here you can watch 3 short videos to learn more about the FIO project, then start the short quiz.

In the quiz you'll be asked to pass a few captchas, agree to terms of use, fill in your email and Binance account number, then answer basic questions about the FIO project. For your convenience I provided the answers to the questions below.

Quiz Cheat-sheet

Max supply of FIO tokens  -   1,000,000,000 (

What is the FIO protocol? -   A service layer solution that makes sending, receiving and requesting cryptocurrency easy and joyful across all platforms.

FIO protocol replaces the need for - long and complicated public keys.

What can FIO protocol be used for? - All of the above

The FIO protocol enables... - All of the above

The FIO token is used for - All of the above

What is a FIO address? - A customized, unique human readable crypto wallet name and NFT

FIO domains such as @domain - All of the above

Finally you'll be asked to create your own FIO address, there are several wallets to choose from, I did mine through Coinomi, the steps are as follows:

1. Create a new wallet if you don't already have one.

2. Click add token, search for FIO, and click add.

3. From the FIO wallet, click on Manage FIO Addresses (on mobile it's under the "+" sign in the bottom right).

4. Click Register FIO Address

5. Enter your desired username, search for availability, and if available click register and complete the computer verification, and you should receive your new address NFT into your wallet almost immediately.

And that's all there is to it! I hope you found my post useful, any feedback or comments are greatly appreciated. As always, thank you for reading, and remember to enjoy the good things in life!

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The Good Things in Life
The Good Things in Life

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