March 2021 Solidarity NFT Release #3 on

March 2021 Solidarity NFT Release #3 on

NFT Announcement Solidarity #3 March 20211

Hey everyone, it’s that time again where the Good$ News Podcast releases its monthly NFT. March’s version of the Solidarity NFT is a bit of a throwback design with a recently hit milestone at the center; the $15,000 USD market cap hit by Good$ News Coin (GNC) on FuseSwap on the 9th of March 2021. 

Here is what you need to know. You can sign up for a free account on and get started collecting NFTs now. After making way too many in February I decided to cut down on the commons a lot and add to the higher rarities. 

This run has a total mint of 120 with 100 Commons 15 Foil Rares and 5 Sepia Epics. 

So how do you get these NFTs? 


de6ea91ce3888de469f3900b1bbe9a35d15f3f782e450748f6cef10834adbe7e.pngThe commons can be claimed for free by simply messaging me on Telegram @x5ofspadez or if you are reading this on Publish0x, just in the comments down below. On YouTube, it often deletes these addresses as spam, so just message me directly. I’ll leave the link to the 0x article in the description of the video so that you guys can comment there instead if that’s what you would prefer. 


If you would like more than one common, specifically, you can buy them for either 25 Wax on the marketplace on Atomichub, or you can send me a DM on Telegram and I can sell the Commons for G$500.


The foil rare version of the March NFT has a mint of 15 total. They are available for sale directly for 250 Wax or G$50,000, all GoodDollar proceeds will go towards improving the overall quality of the podcast. 


Finally, we have the big daddy, the Custom Sepia Epic March 2021 Solidarity NFT. With a mint of only 5, these will go fast. These will be listed on the atomichub marketplace for 2,500 Wax or you can purchase with GoodDollars for G$500,000. 


Now let’s say you don’t have 25k wax or 500k G$, but you really want one of the epics or rares, there’s another option available that I’m calling packs. I will be using a random number picker between 1 and 120 and for either 50 wax or G$1,000 you can get one entry, or you can get three random picks for 100 Wax or G$2,000. 

On the previous slides, you will see which numbers correlate with which specific NFT. In the scenario that you roll a number that has already been sold, we will simply reroll. What is still available is publicly viewable on my profile on atomichub at kj2ay.wam which is my public address. Make sure to deselect “only whitelisted NFTs” because I am still in the process of being verified on the platform, once that happens, there will be fewer hoops to jump through.

So what do you think? Do you want one of these new NFTs? Remember to message me on telegram with your .wam address from atomichub. If you don’t already have a Wax wallet it’s a really simple, free process, to get started on collecting NFTs.

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The Good$ News Podcast with Micah Dewey
The Good$ News Podcast with Micah Dewey

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