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Phew... I feel like I'm a bit run off my feet at the moment. There is the shipment of stuff that arrived in the week, and then work, teaching, performing and kids... and also university assignments to complete. I feel like most days are pretty full at the moment. Mostly, I just want to have some free time and space to tidy up the garden (I'll post about that soon enough.. but there is a good deal of tidying and clearing to do!), and unpack the boxes and start setting up the new home!

Unfortunately, things will be a bit clearer in terms of schedules in a week or two... barring any unforeseen avalanches of time-sinks! Anyway, this evening... I returned back to the new place after a wedding job that was a couple of hours out of Canberra. It was actually nice to be playing for functions/weddings again, I used to love doing it as a student... and I still love messing around and getting paid to play for fun with friends! Plus... the pay rates are pretty decent, so I have no complaints there!

It did mean that I got back to the new place relatively late... and I had to make my way back to the place where we are currently sleeping. I had wanted to cycle back, now that our e-fietsen had arrived from the Netherlands after a roughly 3 month tour of the world on the high seas. I did miss riding around... but the Netherlands is a different riding environment than Australia... even if Canberra is one of the few places in Australia that is making some degree of infrastructure for bicyling!

Still... even with the added bike lanes and all of that, there are a few things that will be forever different. The first is the fact that you have to wear a helmet whilst cycling! That was a weird experience!...

,,, and then there is the unavoidable difference in geography. Netherlands is flat... as flat as can be! Australia has hills and slopes! So, I'm not entirely sure if it was that I was 3 months out of practice in riding bikes... or the fact that we live on a slope and to get back to our in-laws place, I had to start by riding uphill... but that first minute or so was a killer... even with the electric motor assist!

However, once the hill was crested it was pretty much downhill from there... and oh my god, I did pick up a huge amount of speed there! At one point, the speedometer on the bike clocked around 48 kph (that is 0.34857648574368574635435% percent of light speed for our American friends, or is it 3459847598574.21323987 hotdogs per year?... I forget the types of units that you guys use).

Anyway, when it is dark and the evening... and the air is still and cold, and there are no cars around... it is quite fun and exhilarating... but the thought is always there in the back of your head... if I fall or hit something, it is really going to sting a bit! Thankfully, I left my violins back in the new place... and so, if I did stack it, well... at least I won't have killed a centuries old artefact!

... I'm going to wonder how the bakfiets (cargo bike) is going to handle this... the uphills will be slow, but manageable... but I'm more concerned about whether or not the brakes will handle the downhill speeds! My wife has already forbidden me to carry the kids in the bakfiets. At the time, I scoffed at the idea that it was dangerous... now, I think I have to agree that she is right! Probably not a good idea to have living humans in the cargo bike... or at least not ones that we care about!


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I am a Musician (Violinist/Violist) specialising in Early Music living in The Netherlands. I have a background in Mathematics and Physics due to an earlier tertiary level study... and so, I'm still quite interested in Science and Technology related stuff!

The Glamorous Life of a Musician!
The Glamorous Life of a Musician!

Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life! I'm a Violinist and doing what I love is often interestingly contrasted with the reality of getting to do what I love...

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