TOP 10 Authors on Publish0x!

TOP 10 Authors on Publish0x!

By Kurza Twarz | The future is us | 24 May 2020

Hello guys!

Before I start, I would like to show you and tell you nothing, because I want to do it in other way than usually.

Thanks for NOTHING.

(This joke is so stupid, that even I don’t understand it.)


I decided to take a part in #MyPublish0xAuthor, even though I’m a member of Publish0x just for a three weeks. Nonetheless, I noticed many people here, who deserve some good attention. Therefore, I would like to present you a list of my TOP 10 Publish0x Authors, that I’m following and/or reading regularly.

I’m not going to stretch this article too much – if you found those picks interesting, then you should definitely check those people out. So bring yourself some Doritos and enjoy my list!

(Oh, one more thing: it was EXTREMELY hard to put them in correct order – for me, you can treat this list like they are all “number one”, because for me, they are all very important part of our community, and it would be a very big loss if even one of them stops writing).

10. Hooked2TheChain

This is the man with IQ over 200. Seriously. I’m really impressed by his analysis, which are full of important details and are created with no unnecessary hype. He really knows what he is talking about. And he’s funny! I like funny people. Bald but gold! Does that rhymes? Um… Also, Hookey really like Phil Collins, oh YES he do! So if you feel it coming in the air tonight, just CHECK HIM OUT!

9. CryptoChartWizard91

This is my little “must have” on this list. Since I’m very interesting in creating analysis myself, I just simply need someone who do it better, so I can learn something. And here comes Charty, with his 99,9% accurate predictions. If you want to understand nowadays market, or just need some intellectual exercises – JOIN HIM HERE!

8. Scott Cunningham

Scotty is just a professional, isn’t he? One look on his thumbnails and you know that for sure. He been there for a while in cryptocurrencies world, therefore you can learn a lot from him. He is sharing his knowledge on many platforms, including YouTube, so you can not only read him, but also hear and watch him. O CANADA!

7. Absolute Unit

When I need any useful news, I’m going straight to him. Is that everything? Of course not! This the man that I feel connected to. Wait… No, no, no, don’t use your imagination! Damn, you just did it… Whatever. What I tried to say is that Absy is a really cool dude. He is smart, bright and he’s got sense of humour – all of this stuff he is showing in many of his articles. CONNECT WITH HIM!

6. Igor Tomić

Oh, look who’s here! The Big Bo$$ himself! Well, this is a person you cannot just ignore, while this is one of the most influential people on Publish0x. He surely nie pierdoli się w tańcu, always getting straight to the point. That’s why I like Iggy – most of his articles are like: “Wanna have few bucks? Click here.” And then you are really getting few bucks. So… Wanna have few bucks? CLICK HERE!

5. Mappo

This is the man, who showed me and explained to me AELF – that’s how I acquaint with him. But of course that’s not everything. Before I clicked that magic “follow” button, I checked out more of his articles, and I really liked what I found. It turned out, that Mapsy is very comprehensive writer, that provides us also useful and important cryptonews and some clever lifestyle tips. Everything is good written and nice to read. Need more explanations? FOLLOW MAPSY!

4. Cryptonator’s Airdrop Hunt

His name tells us everything. To be honest, this is the first person that I followed on Publish0x – and now I’m sure that I did the right thing. He look like an expert and HE IS an expert. This is the man who tells us where to get free cryptocurrency, what to (and how to) stack and where we should pay our attention. Sounds interesting? THEN IT’S TIME TO HUNT!

3. Bragato18

This one of my newest discovers. I will tell you honestly, that I just LOVE his “What I’ve learned?” articles, because this is the place where YOU can learn A LOT of useful stuff. I’m not going to spoiler you anything – you have to check this out by yourself. But before I’ll send you to Braggy Boy, you should know that he has a lot more stuff that you will dive into – it is very addicting! DRUG YOURSELF WITH HIM!

(Um… “Drug yourself”? I guess that wasn’t the best recommendation… Or maybe it was..?)

2. MuyAsk

And there we go! Here’s your absolute must have on TOP 10 Authors list – MuyAsk. Asky is a really hard worker, who puts a lot of heart into his work. What he does, is one of the most important thing not only on Publish0x, but in whole cryptocurrency world – because his role is to INFORM and TEACH us about roots, idea, and general work of every blockchain project. This is why you definitely SHOULD KNOW ABOUT MUYASK.

1. MarkHelfman

And that’s my boy! I gave number one spot to Mark, because of many reasons. The main one is simple – he is intelligent as hell. In his articles, he often shows us things that we may miss, those details that no one notice as important, but everyone should. His articles are useful, interesting and very good written. I could say that many of them are the best that I’ve read on Publish0x. Besides, Mark wrote two books – I respect that! Seems like we’ve got a lot of things in common.

In one word – Mark is the cryptocurrencies hero, Supermark, Captain Blockchain. That’s not one word, but it doesn’t matter – MARK MATTERS!

And actually he is not Helfman – he is a FULL MAN.

(o god, my jokes are like Monica Lewinsky…)



(you know who didn’t said so last night?)


(well, that was said by…)

*1000 bad jokes later*

Alright everybody, thank you all for taking a part in my show, but now it’s time to go. But I cannot just leave the stage, you have to help me! And no, I don’t mean security… *laughing*. We are going to sing! Alright kids? Please stand up and sing along with me! I know you know the words!

I’ve got fuel in my rocket,
I’ve got cryptos in my pocket,
Now I’m flying to the moon,
But it’s so good to be here…

So see you soon!

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Kurza Twarz

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The future is us

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