Brave Content Creators Worth Tipping BAT To
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Brave Content Creators Worth Tipping BAT To

By Tank | The Future Is Digital | 4 May 2020

Unless you're a regular user of a site, you may not know that there is the option to support the team behind it with BAT tokens earned via the Brave Browser.  The internet has created a novel culture of open-source contributors and people who work tirelessly to provide free knowledge and support to their fellow human beings.  As users, we are used to our attention being the force behind their monetary gain, but there are other options to directly support some really wonderful creators who refuse to sell their users out.

I went through the top 200 Website content creators on and chose my favorite 12 to share with you (note: I only chose english, safe-for-work websites).  Please, if you use Brave browser, visit some of these sites and show them some love by tipping them some of your hard-earned BAT.

I also included some of the news sites that have signed up for the Brave Creator Rewards.


  • Wikipedia is the #10 site in the world, according to the Alexa rankings on BATGrowth.  They're a juggernaut of the internet and they don't make their users look at obnoxious ads.
  • Khan Academy provides free education on topics that range all the way from early elementary to college-level classes.
  • wikiHow is one of the best how-to sites for anything and everything.  WonderHowTo is also OK (though many of the articles are old).
  • DuckDuckGo and Qwant (different services, similar functions) provide internet searches without selling your search data.  Support whichever one you decide to change your default search engine to.  Or, get the Presearch extension and get paid to search (privacy not guaranteed.  Still researching.)
  • is the Wayback Machine - the active museum of the internet.  To archive your own things, try (a different, smaller service, but one that allows you to enter your own URLs.)
  • TinyURL provides shorter URLs to long links.  Another backbone service of the internet.
  • FreeCodeCamp provides coding lessons to anyone who wants them.
  • secure, free, and anonymous temporary emails.  Hell yeah.
  • 1001 Fonts free fonts to us
  • AlternativeTo provides alternatives to commonly used software.  Need something like [insert expensive program here] or [questionable website]? Look it up on and see what your other options are.
  • BitTorrent lets you download files that other people have placed online (If you're new to this and are going to experiment, please use good security practices).
  • Quillbot is an interesting re-writing bot.  Essay help, here I come.  Also see


Journalism is important, and if we want it to live on in the way we know it we need to support it. If you see a site on this list that you've read an article from recently, please send them a coin.

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