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The Brave Browser Math

15 Oct 2020 2 minute read 3 comments Tank

There has been a lot of talk lately about Brave and the BAT rewards program.  Rightfully so, there are a lot of users who used to be well rewarded for their attention, and the rewards level for that has gone down.  There is NOTHING WRONG with those c...

Kraken Gets Krackalacking On BANKING

16 Sep 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Tank

"Kraken Financial will be the first regulated, U.S. bank to provide comprehensive deposit-taking, custody and fiduciary services for digital assets." As a Montana resident, I'm vicariously proud of our "little brother" southern neighbor, while al...

How to Access The "Dark Web"

23 Aug 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Tank

Note: I am in the USA.  If you're in a country that doesn't allow accessing VPN's, don't do anything you shouldn't do. To start: the DarkWeb - or "Tor" - is not what the stories say about it.  Sure, you can buy drugs.  Don't, you'll get scammed.  Su...

Elvenar - Mining in the browser

14 Aug 2020 1 minute read 4 comments Tank

I got an ad on Brave today for Elvenar.com.  It's some sort of city building game online. I like citybuilder games.  I can't tell you how many hours I've spent on Age Of Empires.I like Brave.  I click on the ads when they're relevant so that they kee...

Coinbase Preparing for IPO

9 Jul 2020 1 minute read 3 comments Tank

Reuters reported this morning that Coinbase is getting ready to IPO, possibly as early as this year. The article doesn't have a lot of facts to back it up, and only specifies the source as "three people familiar with the matter". Everyone here has he...

Brave Content Creators Worth Tipping BAT To

4 May 2020 2 minute read 28 comments Tank

Unless you're a regular user of a site, you may not know that there is the option to support the team behind it with BAT tokens earned via the Brave Browser.  The internet has created a novel culture of open-source contributors and people who work t...

DuckDuckGo Right Ahead And Dump Google

4 May 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Tank

Or Qwant.  It just doesn't have the same pun-ability as DDG, and therefore didn't make the headline.  Sorry Qwant. To “Google” something simply means that you’re looking it up on the internet. Google has created a digital empire that’s synonymous w...

Bitcoin is the America of Cryptocurrency

3 May 2020 1 minute read 4 comments Tank

Disclaimer: I'm American, and own Bitcoin. Though I live here, I hold no illusions about America. We're big, brash, and, en masse, fairly idiotic. We think we're the best in the world at everything, though there's plenty of evidence to the contrary...

Back It Up, Backin' Up

31 Mar 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Tank

Your information is, at its most basic, yours. This article isn’t about how to keep someone else from getting it, it’s about how to keep it available to you. Backing up your devices is important. If you have a device get stolen, break, crash, o...

BAT - If It's Not In Your Wallet, Is It Really Yours?

29 Mar 2020 1 minute read 6 comments Tank

There's been a lot of talk the last few days about BAT leaving people's browsers unexpectedly. I have no idea what's going on with that. I do have an idea of a more secure location though.I transfer my BAT to my Exodus wallet from Uphold. I don't ne...


The Brave Browser Math

15 Oct 2020 Tank

15 October 2020
Short term I am bearish because of the problems they are having with the rewards program. Usually I would say that "Lower supply entering the system means higher prices", but with a coin that is tied to a single program, like BAT and Brave, problems with that system will lower demand for the coin because people are skittish to buy and hodl a coin that has systemic problems. Long term, the problems with Brave and BAT will be fixed and I'll be bullish again, but I'm not right now. If you've got the cash for it and your risk tolerance is high, this will be a good run to grab some BAT at low prices.

Crypto Scammers, Cheats & Jerks - Oh My

20 Jul 2020 BryRi

21 July 2020
Dude. Please don't underline things unless they're links. Bold instead. The article was great though.

Coinbase Preparing for IPO

9 Jul 2020 Tank

09 July 2020
Correct. As of right now, the news is that they will IPO directly onto a stock exchange.

A decent crypto faucet?

2 Jul 2020 recourier

04 July 2020
Recourier, you're such an upstanding citizen that you put the CDC link instead of your referral link.

I Created Art Because I Was Inspired. Look At This.

14 Jun 2020 SkinnerCrypto

17 June 2020
Yes. Gimme that Spreadshirt link or something.

I Created Art Because I Was Inspired. Look At This.

14 Jun 2020 SkinnerCrypto

14 June 2020
If the top one of yours was a poster, I'd hang it in my office. Tripping fucking balls.

How Could Economics Be Worked In The Intentional Community? What's The Role of Crypto?

12 Jun 2020 SkinnerCrypto

14 June 2020
As someone in coding and computers, the open-source mindset is something that I think about quite a bit. Where would the concept of "giving everything away for free on the internet" fit into this? How would you create an organization that can benefit everyone, especially the poorest individuals in the world (who have the most to gain from this project) while also getting a return on your investors' money? Education is also an interesting one, with the advent of the internet. Childrens' education will look similar to the way it is because it's "the basics". Continuing education, though, has the opportunity to be varied and intense because of the information available online. As an adult, I find I learn more with time and the opportunity to try things out myself. Adult education will be solvable with a UBI (allowing more time) and curious individuals willing to share tools/written code/experience with those who are learning, in person or afar. As far as UBI being paid in crypto, that's easy. It just has to align with axiom 4, and be spendable outside the community.

The Intentional Community of The Future, Part Four: Infrastructure.

23 May 2020 SkinnerCrypto

25 May 2020
There really is nothing similar to this today. I keep thinking "it's like the Amish without standardized religion and with technology". A co-living space focused on progress and self-sufficiency. Aeroponics & crickets, 3D printing and cryptocurrencies. I have a bit of a problem with the idea of it being localized, because that automatically excludes people who aren't able to move to a specific part of the world and live there permanently. Maybe a system could be set up at the outset for "sister cities" that would have the same systems set in place but would be available to those who are less fortunate from the outset. On a completely different note, I often contemplate what would happen if the USA was a system of city-states that are differentiated by economics instead of geography. To me, this idea seems like starting an intentional city-state.

The Intentional Community of The Future, Part Two: Foundations and Trustless Governance.

18 May 2020 SkinnerCrypto

22 May 2020
How would the voting verify that it's one user per vote? If the voting is simply taking place on a smartphone, what's to stop some troll farm from setting up a warehouse full of cheap smartphones and hijacking the system? I also think that this needs to be designed for the "average user" (read - "careless idiot who doesn't do due diligence in research"). Each proposal should have an expected social, economic, and concrete impact on the society (created by someone who DID NOT write the proposal) and the opportunity for dissent as well. These would all need to be simplified and "bite-sized" for the average user to be educated enough to vote accurately according to their beliefs.

The Intentional Community of The Future, Part One: A Primer.

16 May 2020 SkinnerCrypto

18 May 2020
AARP is one of the largest lobbying powers in the United States. Where is the "American Association of Technology Users"? I hope that whatever system the future brings will mitigate the corporate dollars that are currently funded into a system that is susceptible to bribery, but in the meantime, something needs to be created that will allow everyone to work with what we currently have in place. Maybe a place to start would be a boots-on-the-ground-and-bribes-in-hand system that directly advocates for every technology user and their privacy and autonomy online.

The Intentional Community of The Future, Part One: A Primer.

16 May 2020 SkinnerCrypto

18 May 2020
I am very, very rural America (100+ miles away from the nearest Walmart rural), so I see little else but potential and current tradition/conservative barriers. I've pondered an "open source democracy via technology". The basic concept being that anyone who is interested can sign up and be involved from wherever they are at on the planet, and reap the benefits. It would be a good way to test certain aspects of a system without co-living requirements that border on cult-level communes. There are a LOT of problems to solve in any scenario, and that's what makes something like this exciting. I'll send you an email and would happily put in some time.

The Intentional Community of The Future, Part One: A Primer.

16 May 2020 SkinnerCrypto

17 May 2020
Forget Crypto, Skinner, I want to read more of this. I started reading yesterday and had to sleep on it, and the part that I couldn't stop thinking about was the "Utopian" metric of satisfaction, rather than... Happiness? GDP? Control? WTF do we use now? What do Sci-fi authors base their "Utopian visions" on? Humans can have their basic needs (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow%27s_hierarchy_of_needs) satisfied and still be unhappy, and that's OK. That's where a system of satisfaction - like Sugarfix said "A roof over your head, free healthcare, free education, food and importantly, dignity" - should be implemented with a capitalist-esque system allowed above it. Any system put in place should have longevity built in. If we set ourselves up to win and ignore the needs of our grandchildren and their grandchildren, we're failing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_generation_sustainability

Stop wasting your time! Why you shouldn't be using crypto faucets

11 May 2020 Khazrakh

11 May 2020
What do you do on that site for 5 seconds that nets you $2.67? I signed up with your referral. If you can prove what you're saying, I'll deposit and start using the service. But I'm not going to pay some random website my HARD EARNED money just because some internet rando behaved like an ass and couldn't prove his reputation wrong. These things keep on surviving because they make money. Dictatorships survive for a reason, and it's not because they're a fair and equitable service who hold the best interests of every person involved in mind.

Why YOU should be BRAVE?

10 May 2020 Kurza Twarz

11 May 2020
What do you find missing, msos222? The only thing I know of that's broken right now is desktop/moble sync. I would love to hear your opinion!

Stop wasting your time! Why you shouldn't be using crypto faucets

11 May 2020 Khazrakh

11 May 2020
If someone's ONLY option is to spend 8 hours a day to make that four bucks, then they should go for it. I submit that the amount of people who NEED to do that and would not make more money by getting onto Amazon Turk or Slice The Pie - fiat-based systems - is negligible. I don't like those systems for different reasons, but if it's life-or-death then what do those reasons matter? What would your "best in class" faucets be? Your articles don't mention them. If you can prove that by using all of them at their basic faucet capacity - no referrals, just like Khazrakh's math above - in an eight hour day will produce more than $4/day, I'll sign up under your referrals.

Stop wasting your time! Why you shouldn't be using crypto faucets

11 May 2020 Khazrakh

11 May 2020
Your points 1 vs 3 contradict each other: If you're into faucets for the $1 to eat that day, then you're not holding on to it and market volatility is worthless. If you're trying to make money from referrals you're only pushing the idiocy onto other people. Refer them to sources that are worth their time.

HEX? Yea or Nay?

1 May 2020 teutonium

08 May 2020
Good viewpoint on this. I think I'll see what freebies I can get and hold those because the price is right.

Brave Content Creators Worth Tipping BAT To

4 May 2020 Tank

08 May 2020
Right now I think that maintaining their current user base and getting through this quarantine is #1. But I am with you, I hope they get so big they challenge Google's supremacy.

Brave Content Creators Worth Tipping BAT To

4 May 2020 Tank

08 May 2020
Thank you, at1419!

Brave Content Creators Worth Tipping BAT To

4 May 2020 Tank

06 May 2020
Netbox isn't a BAT Creator, but it looks to be trying to solve a similar problem to Brave. Interesting.

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Bitcoin Pirce May Go Below 10K Before Moving Higher Prices

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Bitcoin Will Hit $350,000. Here's When and How It Will Happen.

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This ONE THING Has Helped Me Be A Profitable Trader...

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How I moved $1 of ETH from Coinbase to BlockFi with zero gas fees

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Why I won't cash out DAI from Publish0x

17 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments CryptoWordsmith

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Review of Bounty0x (on the top of Etherum Blockchain) as the BestDApp

19 Dec 2019 13 minute read comments milaan

With the advent of blockchain technology, the crypto market has been expanding at a faster rate particularly since 2017(after the epic rise of Bitcoin). Hundreds of new startups and projects are joining this ecosystem every month. So building a com...



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