Not Just 4 But Currently Holding 5.29BCH

By bmjc98 | Random Stuff & More | 24 Aug 2021

You might be wondering how on earth did I grow my BCH so fast when I only posted 4BCH during my last update?


Well, there are two reasons actually: 1) I have two wallets for My BCHouse that I excluded every time I update my portfolio because those are for the house and not for long-term investment (or not); 2) I did not include my August earnings from both platforms.

Then why now?

I just thought it's time to check how much total BCH I am currently holding right now, regardless if that's for long or short-term goals. Another reason is that there's also a chance that I won't be using my BCH for the house anymore. Sorry to disappoint you all. Hear me out before you judge me.


As I've mentioned in my noise post before, my mom is going to receive a huge sum of money from my late dad's previous company where he worked for more than 2 decades. That company had failed to give my dad and 30 more others the expected amount they were supposed to receive for their quit pay.

And so, my dad and the others filed a lawsuit against their previous company. After almost 15 years, they finally won the case. Their lawyer has already finalized everything and is now waiting for the company to settle the payments. According to their lawyer, the amount they will be receiving is quite huge. The lawyer also said that by the end of the year or 1st quarter of 2022, my mom (on behalf of my dad) and the others will finally receive what they had worked for decades.

This means that once my mom will receive the check, I don't need to spend my BCH for the house. The reason why I wanted to spend my BCH was that my cash wasn't enough, and that was the only way I could fund my house. Since I don't think I have to worry about that anymore, I might just HODL the BCH I intended for the house.

I know it would be great if I could use my BCH for the house but if things go well, my mom will share some with us. And as the youngest, single, and the only child who did not graduate a 4-year course coz I had to give way for my brother, my mom already promised that she'll give me a decent amount when she receives the money.

So instead of using my BCH for the house, I might just use the cash my mom would give me. However, it will still depend on how things go well in the next few months. If BCH reaches its new ATH this year or that the company won't settle it until the 1st quarter of 2022, I might just stick to the plan and only replace the amount of BCH I would spend using the money that I would receive from my mom.

So after reading Eybyoung's post about her 6 digits in peso, I got curious how much BCH I have. Honestly, I didn't know I already have 5.29 in my BCH portfolio until today. Yes, I was clueless as I normally don't include them in my updates. So at this moment, at the time of writing, I am currently holding a total of 5.29BCH:

  • 4.35BCH from main HODL

  • 0.53BCH for My BCHouse

  • 0.41BCH for August earnings.

Main HODL Wallets


  • #Club1BCH - 2.26625817

  • Binance (the one I sent from Binance) - 1.55615065

  • $2BCH A Day - 0.38046291

  • Extra - 0.07193187

  • Binance (from the exchange) - 0.07798423

  • Total - 4.35278783

My BCHouse Wallets


  • My BCHouse - 0.34256016

  • My BCHouse 2.0 - 0.18880497

  • Total - 0.53136513

August Earnings


  • - 0.13613515

  • - 0.28327117

  • Total - 0.41940632

This means that if everything goes well, then I'll be on my road to 6BCH soon. Too bad, I'm no longer earning on noise as my heart-tips has stopped almost 2 weeks ago. It came back on the 8th day but only lasted for less than 24 hours.

To be honest, it is quite upsetting coz noise has been a great help for my savings too. My average daily earnings on noise are $9 and if I get lucky, I could earn up to $15 for just a day. Almost 2 weeks and still nothing. Nonetheless, I will keep making noise coz I love that platform so much.

Anyway, as I was saying, I might just use the cash my mom would give me in the future than spending my BCH for the house. It would be nice to fund the house with my BCH but if I could use cash, then why not. Besides, the more BCH I HODL, the better gains I could take and use them for anything I want in the future.


Closing thoughts

If you see me and the others posting about our earnings, that's not because we want to brag this but because we want to document every little progress we have on both platforms. It is worth documenting, anyway, since we have worked hard to earn this.

And please, don't feel belittled just because yours doesn't have much, remember, we've been here for a while now so it's normal that we somehow managed to grow our BCH. Keep in mind that before we got to have this, we also started from nothing.

Just be patient, and soon, you'll have more too. If you want to learn how to diversify your portfolio, I highly recommend you to read @Jane, @Eybyoung, @PVMihalache, and a few others. They are the experts when it comes to this stuff.

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