Celebrating 11 Months Today With A Total Earnings Of Over $2,493.63 In BCH

Celebrating 11 Months Today With A Total Earnings Of Over $2,493.63 In BCH

By bmjc98 | The Frustrated Writer | 25 Jul 2021

Just turned 11 months today!

Yippee! This means that I am on my way to becoming an official 1-year old user of this amazing blogging platform ever.

As always, let's take a look at how far did I go from day 1 up to this very moment and how many articles have I written ever since. Are you ready? Let's have a look then, shall we?

Wait! Before we even begin, I already wrote an article similar to this one that shows my monthly earnings from writing articles. The article, by the way, was written when I was about to turn 9 months.

$1023.36 Worth Of BCH Just By Writing Articles And Short Posts

But since I want everything to be as accurate as possible, I'm going to make an updated version of that. So without any further ado, here it is:

  • 1st month - $5.57
  • 2nd month - $52.27
  • 3rd month - $31.64
  • 4th month - $46.39
  • 5th month - $116.18
  • 6th month - $72.76
  • 7th month - $255.71
  • 8th month - $1,295.48
  • 9th month - $295.12
  • 10th month - $322.51
  • 11 month - Nothing yet

Total upvotes: over $2,493.63 in BCH

This amount is the total amount I earned since day 1 but the amount I sent to my main HODL wallet is only $1,814.22 while $501.52 to My BCHouse wallet. The rest was used to upvote and sponsors other users.

Clarification: The $2,493.63 was just the total amount of upvotes I received since day 1. In case you didn't know, way before @TheRandomRewarder joined the fun, our earnings depend on the points we had accumulated the day before the payout. This means that my first and second month were inaccurate as I failed to track down my daily earnings at that time.

  • Long - 299
  • Short - 114
  • Likes - 6,074
  • Comments - 9,526
  • Views - 20,076


  • Currently sponsoring 42 users
  • With 209 affiliates
  • 610 subscribers
HODL Timeline

I started to HODL my earnings exactly on December 15, 2020. Here are a few of the goals that I have achieved so far:

  • 1BCH - February 5, 2021
  • 2BCH - April 3, 2021
  • 3BCH - June (unfortunately, I forgot to write about it and am not sure when it was achieved exactly)
  • 4BCH - almost there


Closing thoughts

I am so happy that finally, I am so close to becoming a 1-year-old user here. This is, by far, the longest blogging platform that I've been to, and super grateful to be a part of this growing community.

Thank you, read.cash team, for just simply amazing! Cheers for 11 months together and can't wait to spend more months with you and the rest of the community. May we have more monthsaries to celebrate.

This article was first published on read.cash.



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