Medium Follow Friday: Poetry and Fiction

Medium Follow Friday: Poetry and Fiction


This week’s Follow Friday focuses on poetry, fiction, and some literary theory as well. Medium doesn’t do much to support poetry or fiction on its platform. And it’s true that in many ways, Medium is a journalism platform rather than a general blogging platform, but I think that’s really too narrow minded. After all, consider what Medium claims to be.

Medium taps into the brains of the world’s most insightful writers, thinkers, and storytellers to bring you the smartest takes on topics that matter. So whatever your interest, you can always find fresh thinking and unique perspectives.

Storytellers; there definitely are stories about things that have actually happened, are happening, and will likely happen. But poetry and fiction, as well as other art related topics, are all important as well. And they are all forms of storytelling, or at least they can be. And yet, Medium doesn’t really help promote these genres of writing.



Luckily, there are a number of publications that do. One of the newest is one by the Universal Artist Guild itself, which is part of the Guild Association’s trial guild project. While the publication is small, a fair amount of resources are going to be put into promoting it. 

The Universal Artist Guild
A Guild for Artists of All

There’s also House of Haiku, which is one of the earliest poetry related publications that I found when I started writing for Medium.

House of Haiku
Haiku is a form of poetry usually inspired by nature, which embraces simplicity. We invite all poetry lovers to have a…

Finally, here’s one I found while doing research for this week’s FF post. It’s a publication for general submissions, with an emphasis on fiction.

Literally Literary
We've Got a Story for


Josiah Ross has a number of poems on Medium. Here’s one about keeping lightning in a bottle.

It’s impossible to keep lightning in a bottle
It’s impossible to keep a lightning in a

Trails of Magic has a number of poems. Here’s a nice short nature poem that’s posted in the Universal Artist Guild pub.

A Rain Poem
The rain pours 
like it knows my name,
blissful wet
on the horizon.

Charlotta “Charlie Smirnova” Smith is another writer for UAG. 

Where Am I From?
A painting I cannot

Jun Wu writes prolifically about a number of topics, and also helps out with various Medium groups. 

Are You Ready?
A Poem About A Team

While it is a poem, Kathrine Fetizanan commentary on the way we keep birds locked in cages, stripped of their freedom to fly through the sky is meaningful and emotional.

The Canary’s Song
I was gifted today,

Fiction And Theory

Okay. I’ve listed a number of poems, but what about longer fiction? Medium seems like a great place to publish short fiction works and monetize them. 

Rebeca Ansar has a short fiction piece on relationships. Anyone been there?

A Short

Ken is fairly new to Medium, so welcome him aboard. “The Call” is an interesting short piece, although I personally find it a little confusing. But do short stories have to make complete sense? I don’t think so. 

The Call
Mr. Cooper, tired from the day, swept his floor, Slowly, deep breaths, reflecting, Customers had 10 more minutes. A…

And of course there’s more to fiction than just the fiction itself. There’s also the literary theory and reviews. In this piece, Andrew Field, “poet, adult services librarian, Heartfulness meditationer, husband and Dad” comments on poetry commentary. Can we get some comments on his comments about Harold Bloom’s comments? 

“It’s Too Ample”: John Ashbery and the Phenomenology of Waiting

Okay. I think that’s it. Today’s been a weird week, as most are for me these days, so I didn’t list as many people as I’d have liked. Make sure to follow these people if you like their work. Since I'm now writing here on publish0x as well, and am copying follow friday posts over, I wonder if I should start a follow friday collection over here too. And if you’re interested in finding a home for your poetry and fiction, consider UAG. See you next week.


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