Show Your Portfolio and my introduction.

Show Your Portfolio and my introduction.

Hi everyone. 

My name or handle is Bigapplebo, it is a little misleading since it seems that I hail from the great state of NY and NYC. 

I dont, although I called USA and NYC the home for almost two decades now I am actually Swedish.

I was born in Zambia but grew up in Sweden, I guess both my mother and my father where imbued with some sense of wanderlust. Something that has been passed on to me and it seems that my young daughter of a year and a half, has the same restless soul syndrome. Up and walking at 8 months, now she is of and running, running and running. I hope straight into gymnastics and soccer but I will support her no matter what. 

No maybe not everything, but we’ll i hope she does not run into trouble the way I have in my youth and as a young man. 

I look back now older and wonder that I am still alive. My travels and restless soul took me to the night of college sports, to my countries national team and through university studies. And after that I could not settle into a life ordinary, my travels and wild mind took me down a roller coaster onto drinking and debauchery and onto the streets as a homeless for many years. But that’s another story, now I have luckily made it into my 40’s and with a beautiful wife and a daughter my restlessness and newfound sense of purpose leads me into searching out new avenues of adventure and boy did I find it in crypto. 


It combines nicely with my curiosity for personal finance and I am hooked. I first found out about crypto while homeless or bouncing around couches and shelters although newly sober. I was lucky to find a job at a gym through a friend and soon became a trainer. One of my clients was very radical and heavily into the occupy Wall Street movement. He brought a friend into the gym for a free session and he paid with bitcoin. I didn’t hold on to them, but that opened up my mind. I wish I could say I held on to them until 2017

So here now is my portfolio, it’s pretty scares but it’s a beginning. I hope to correct my wastefulness of my youth and build a better future for my wife and lovely daughter. I combine my crypto’s with some old style stocks. One day I trully believe that we all will use cryptocurrency and that this technology of blockchain is maybe not a paradigm shift but a new internet. And definitely that the internet is going to have a currency.351665157-f77ec243691deedcde7119886afa703ed731e79b66821c4c8c49aa8b20af8ce4.jpeg 

My biggest holding is Bitcoin, I believe in it immensely and as a store of value. It is getting built on more and more. It was the first and it’s going to be dominant for a long time. I also really believe in the value of decentralized sovereignty that bitcoin gives. It’s not a state, immutable, scarcer by the day. It’s a old leftist anti government rebel souls dream and a tears something up in me.

Second comes ETH, another classic, although XRP is actually older I believe in Vitalik. I do have some XRP but I am only showing the top of my portfolio the rest are like down to 1%. Any way I use Eth largely for their De-Fi Dapps. I love them and also their structure of Stable coins. I alll bring them in under the Eth umbrella. Since I trade in and out of Eth largely with Dapps. 

I really like Eth for its versatility and I didn’t feel like straying to far from the source. I used to have some Ada and others but sold. I might do Ada again sometime. But as a father and family man, I will gamble with high odds in my favor.

Next is NEO, I have a small amount mainly for the Dividend that they give and I read up on personal finance and although it’s such a small amount. I believe in the all time high getting surpassed by Neo and Gas. You might say that I am a Dividend crypto investor. I also believe that the Chinese. Do things the Chinese way and I don’t believe Eth is big over there. Just the pure number of Chinese people makes this a very interesting play for me.

Then I have Steem, I did kickboxing with one of the guys working for Steem and he turned me on to the platform. I got intrigued and I been on it since a year now. I like the opportunity to be able to see my holdings grow and make more crypto organically and use the finna iCal services that crypto opens. I missed out on the old economy thanks to various “ addictions” and vices. I want to have a foot through the door in this “ new economy”.


Lastly I have LTC and Zcoin, two coins that symbolize nostalgia for me, the first coins I actually afforded and bought by my own. I like Litecoins speed and that they are now reaching out, Charlie Lee is making contacts with real world use cases and partnerships. The halving is coming up I believe in the price increase after that. Zcoin I started HODL in hunt of my own masternode. I don’t believe I’m will ever get a Dash masternode but Zcoin. I might one day and I really want more passive income. I have like zero lol. So one day...

There you have it. 

My portfolio.

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Swedish African personal trainer, Dad and husband (not in that order). But looking to share, explore and blog about my lifestyle and living.

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