Introducing “ Body on the Block” fitness, finance and crypto

Introducing “ Body on the Block” fitness, finance and crypto

Welcome to Body on the Block.

My aim is to write a little something here and create a personal fitness and finance blog, combining my two main interests and hobbies.

Blockchain and fitness

Accidentally both of these paths crossed in late 2011. I just lost my work permit and been let go from Banana Republic as a cash manager. I wandered around NYC lost and happened to walk by a gym, where one of my friends where manning the front desk. We started talking and he knew I had a background as former college athlete and I liked to workout.

He offered me a position as a personal trainer. He asked if “ I could sell”.  At that time, unemployed and without status in NYC. I could sell anything.

So I started as a trainer and shortly after one of my clients offered to pay a trial session in BTC. I got my first pieces of Bitcoin, and I was of to the races.

Now I wish I could say that I kept stacking Satoshis and sold at their ATH.

But that's not my story; instead I got more interested in the freedom, and liberty of blockchain. Being my own bank.


I have been reaching for a way to combine these two loves of mine.

Im aiming to create passive income through staking, dividends and also making money through crypto. So basically I’m going to charge my clients in crypto to a extent. I am also creating a personal fitness and finance blog, talking about training and blockchain.


I’m currently having a coffee with my lovely family; my wife is 8 ½ months pregnant with my second daughter. My first daughter is a wild two and half year old toddler. We fled the crazy Manhattan Covid-19 explosion to my native Sweden, and trying this digital Nomad life style. After my coffee I’m going to walk out in the early brisk morning summer weather. I live next two a ski slope that is perfect for a little mindful hike. I feel there is a great need to center myself and going for a mild light walk after black coffee does that.

Nature has a calming effect on me, and it’s always good to start the day doing something just for me. The rest of the day belongs to my wife and kid, and work and the world. The mornings I like to keep for myself.


I like that.


Swedish African personal trainer, Dad and husband (not in that order). But looking to share, explore and blog about my lifestyle and living.

The Financial Dream Tree
The Financial Dream Tree

Fatherhood, fitness and finance.

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