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Crypto, Covid-19 and Sweden

May 2nd 2020 view from my window


I have had to adjust my new years promise goal, it has not changed, and I have a decade to realize it. I plan to be Financial Independent by this decades end. I have high hopes for Bitcoin, DeFi through Ether, and Tezos. I discovered such amazing things through blockchain. But the most amazing thing for me is that, my bitcoin, my Dash and Ether is mine. My wallet and my keys. I love being the master over my own property and my own finances.

That’s the real promise of Bitcoin.  I am the Captain of my soul. “ like Nelson Mandela. in this case my keys.

I started watching and getting Financial Independence movement way to late, to really reap the fruits of the longest running Bull Run market and the dividend investing.

Granted I was homeless and drunk and high most of the previous decade but either way. The start of this new decade reset everyone’s finances in some way I feel. I have invested some into dividend stocks and a small tiny portfolio that lost 30% of the value. But most of all I did a 180 turn and jumped into staking coins more and crypto. 

My bjj coach told me before I left, New York don’t get stuck in Sweden. I laughed.


I arrived in Sweden in late January 2020 to visit family and help with a house my brothers and me inherited. Together with my pregnant wife and 2 year old daughter.

We just left Manhattan, where we lived crammed inside a two-bedroom apartment with my mother in law that's in her 70’s.  We decided that it’s better to raise our daughter part time in Sweden and pat time in USA. I am a personal trainer by trade, self-employed. And have my business in USA so I plan on regularly being back and eventually buy property and live there. In fact we where going for my citizenship since we love USA.

I am currently settled in the northern parts of Sweden, which has a totally different approach to Covid-19 than USA. On one hand I am happy to be in Sweden, on the other hand I know I have to give up my green card. I been informed by the embassy that unless I make it back to the States within 6 months time I risk loosing my green card. I lived in USA the last 20 years so that's a bummer. But my wife is 30 weeks pregnant. And I don’t want to risk going to New York, besides there are no flights out and Sweden has closed the borders in and out.

So when Sweden goes against WHO, the world and commons sense. The people go along, it’s truly a cultural marvel to see. I for one am happy that I can move around freely. I just go to gym when no one is around; I avoid people, and try to keep high hand hygiene. Sweden has already changed due to Covid-19 as the rest of the world. But I believe Sweden will have a leg up now that restrictions go lighter, since we have population that basically have “trained” to live in this new world. What do you guys think? What kind of measures are you guys taking?

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Swedish African personal trainer, Dad and husband (not in that order). But looking to share, explore and blog about my lifestyle and living.

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