The Problems of Most Blockchain Games

By WilliamRyan | The Feedback Loop | 13 Apr 2020

I like video games and I like Blockchain. In theory both of these things should be able to blend together easily to make a good product with many video games having virtual economies and market places. As the blockchain world grows we are seeing more companies try and fill this gap between these two industries. Companies come and go but very few seems to create an impact on this space besides some rare exceptions. In this post I will examine the problems with this medium.


There Not Fun

The reason why people play video games to begin with is because they are getting some level of dopamine enjoyment from what they are doing. Some people will claim that they play video games for stories but this clearly isn't true considering games with terrible gameplay and good stories are rarely successful but a game that's fun to play with a bad story can be very successful. Blockchain games feel more like a chore than a fun experience to be had which is a big problem in this specific market.

They Look like Flash Games from 10 years ago

This one is pretty self explanatory. When I look at some of these games it feels like they belong on sites like Coolmathsgame or Miniclip. Some of them also look like those games you see in those annoying youtube ads which are a reminder to install adblockers. They look like the types of games you wouldn't show to your friends and family that you are currently playing. If you can't have great visuals at least create a unique art style. People 100% do judge books by thei covers in the entertainment world.

Some Use Tokens That Have Barely Any Value

Building a virtual economy built on original blockchain currencies sounds like a great idea on paper but in the real world people don't necessarily trust things that have no market value. An easy solution would be to use an already established Token as currency instead of trying to get people to use tokens that they have no faith in the value of long term.

I feel like a lot of the problems with Blockchain games are fixable. The metaphorical blade just needs to be sharpened more for the consumer market they are trying to enter and I hope blockchain games have a bigger future.

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