WAX Makes Me Crazy! Will It Survive Its CPU Crisis?
Image from The Sixth Sense, meme by PopPopPrego

WAX Makes Me Crazy! Will It Survive Its CPU Crisis?

By PopPopPrego | The Fascination | 29 May 2021

Haley Joel Osment was only 6 years old when he played Forrest Gump's son. There is only so much Tom Hanks I can take per decade (that's true-true {gag}), so I didn't see the Gump movie. But I did see The Sixth Sense. I thought it was super clever and refreshing and was certain that both Haley Joel Osment and M. Night Shyamalan would continue to make movies I would enjoy for years to come. 

Yeah. My ability to foresee the future is that dope. Keep that in mind as you read this article, BTW.

Not so long after playing the son of a robot (Forrest Gump), being the BFF of any number of ghosts (Sixth Sense), and then playing a robot himself (AI, I guess, it looked like an expensive version of Pinocchio so I didn't see that one either), Haley Joel Osment literally crashed and figuratively burned when he drunkenly drove off the road at age 18. There isn't anything funny about a famous 18 year old being fed drugs, alcohol, and adulation to such an extreme degree. Hollywood is run by a bunch of predators and phonies trying to turn talent into something ugly and empty enough to justify their hunger to commodify and destroy it. (hot take!)  

But, Haley Joel stands as one of the many cautionary tales about the rapid rise to fame and glory. The most recent place I've seen him is on Silicon Valley where he played a suddenly-rich, erratic asshole in a show about a pretend tech company trying to create a decentralized internet in a place run by a bunch of predators and phonies trying to turn talent into something ugly and empty enough to justify their hunger to destroy and commodify it.

I think there's some kind of demonic poetry in there somewhere.

I think WAX is crashing and burning before our eyes.

WAX essentially is an NFT market that increasingly relies on overhyped “games” to drive transactions. Everyone needs to get the newest R-Planet miner, the Alien Worlds Advanced Explosives, the Dark Country land drop, and on and on and on. Yes, baseball and other strange collectables (William Shatner babay!) are swapped around, but the top three asset families on Atomic Hub are all "games." But none of those games are games at all yet. They are just click and wait lotteries and staked faucets. WAX can’t even handle that. What is going to happen when the games start to game? 

My data point is that just 3 weeks ago, I was allotted around 70+ms of CPU for 25 staked WAX, compared to today when I just now saw it dip below 15ms of CPU for 60 staked WAX. That is an absurd depreciation of value and utility on the network for my WAX. And that is just for clicking "mine" and trying to sell weird NFTs. Where does it go from here when I might need to execute 10 transactions to battle someone on Dark Country or Alien Worlds? Are we already needing a Layer-2 solution for WAX? Is this like asking whether we already need rehab for the next famous child actor? (look out charlie bit my finger baby, you've been warned)

About halfway through writing this, I staked another 5 WAX. It bought me 2% CPU back. 2% CPU. I was able to execute one - 1! ONE! - transaction before I ran out again. 5 WAX for literally ONE transaction!!! This is a system that can not logically survive. 

I think once the games try to have any interactive or turn-based elements they will flee WAX. Alien Worlds already is rubbing toes under the table with Binance and keeps hinting at big things to come with their Teleport platform (that miraculously gets TLM the EFF away from WAX). If you want to keep playing these games, I think you ought to be all set up to have fun on Binance Smart Chain. WAX has proven itself incapable, or at least very very slow, to scaling without requiring ludicrous amounts of staked WAX to semi-function. Following their cash grab NFT oversells, I foresee all the popular games fleeing to BSC in a snap.

Someone posted on noise.cash that WAX says it is working on the CPU problem. The rumor was that it was going to shift from staking per account to staking per transaction. I can't find anything official from them on this "solution" but it sounds like it will be the kind of solution that makes the problem worse. It is the transaction cost that is paralyzing my account isn't it? I suppose if they would allow platforms and sellers to stake into transactions that would help me out. So, if Alcor really wants me to add liquidity to the MOO-BABE pool maybe they would stake WAX to the CPU for that transaction and I wouldn't have to? Who knows? On its official Medium channel, WAX just offers the kinds of guides to staking that now exist in the hundreds to try to comfort bewildered users (https://wax-io.medium.com/psa-understanding-cpu-usage-and-fluctuations-in-accordance-with-staking-on-wax-84f88ef03f5f). I tried to find this solution on their Discord channel but other than people complaining about CPU, the only interesting information I heard was someone saying that Wax had "declared victory over bots," removed CAPTCHA from transaction verifications, and that now the site has gone to hell. Well, if WAX can conquer CPU the way it conquered bots, there certainly is nothing to worry about.

I understand that this article will read a bit like a rant. Every day I start with the intention of writing about something fun I am doing in Cryptoworld. And there are things like that, and I will write about them. But then every day I try to use my frigging glob-dannged WAX "games" and a blood vessel bursts in my head and I black out. When I regain consciousness, my noise.cash feed is full of CPU-misery and my family flinches when I try to use the microwave. My hope is that I will feel better now that I have publicly called the demise of WAX-based gaming, like Babe Ruth pointing to the left field bleachers. I honestly like the stuff you can see on WAX and like the bizarre little ecosystem of stupid Koloboks, inexplicable staking on R-Planet, and hilarious memecoin trading post of Alcor. I love it! I want to love it forever and I want it to grow up into a nice, well-adjusted adult platform. Maybe a Leonardo Di Caprio or a Drew Barrymore. They also saw dead people, right?

But, I fear that WAX is the celebrated child actor hyped up on cocaine, molly, and Goldschlager liquor (you drink the gold!!), shouting "I GOT THIS!!" when you try to take the car keys away. Coked up WAX is telling you to get in the car and shut up. I'm already in the back seat with my free NFTs, Alien World cudgels, and absurd liquidity pools. I don't know if there's a way to jump out before WAX drives me straight off a cliff. 

I don't have enough CPU to open the door!



I am so sacred of what Haley Joel WAXment is going to do to my crypto that I can barely muster the energy to meekly offer you a referral link or two. But, we still have to hope, right? So, here are things I have been actually enjoying and have some hope for. They run the gamut of childhood dreams, from being a rock star or a ninja to recreating the simple pleasures of playing Galaga at the mall arcade.

Play an NFT game that doesn't destroy you in transaction fees! And, gain a foothold in the HIVE community while you do it, with Rising Star: https://www.risingstargame.com?referrer=pregosauce

Play retro games or buy virtual mining rigs to earn BTC, ETH, or DOGE: https://rollercoin.com/?r=kl4g3m6h 

Collect easy bounties to earn coins on a DeFi platform that is (a) still in the airdrop phase and (b) NINJAS!!!!!: https://ninjaswap.app/bounty?ref=MHg2M0REZWYxYmEwOEM2NWY0ZTk2YURiZkM4OUM5xIdDNTI2NjlGQUVl 


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