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Earning in April - Blogging, Microblogging, and Brave

By PopPopPrego | The Fascination | 1 May 2021

April was a potentially pivotal month for me. If we rewind a bit, I wrote my first piece for PublishOx around Feb 8, 2021. I was a near complete noob, transfixed by almost everything I saw in Cryptoworld. I had small dreams, mostly fueled by a desire to see what I could do with crypto with a really small initial investment and practically no clue what was going on. Writing about how bizarre and frenetic this new world seemed to my nooby eyes was an important goal. With each piece of information I learned, some bit of the wonder of it all started to fade. I had hoped to keep as much of that sense of wonder as possible. 

It is difficult, though. Just to barely function in this space you need to battle against dozens of wallets, exchanges, and platforms, understand hundreds of terms, and try to decide where you will focus your attention when there are literally thousands of equally impressive or silly-sounding opportunities. 

As you learn all of this, you lose the magic, at least a little bit. You forget how bizarre and annoying it is to prove you are not a robot multiple times each day based on your willingness to call mailboxes parking meters and to label any blurry bit of machinery a motorcycle. You forget what a strange concept "altcoin" is. I mean, we don't call one species of maple tree a maple tree and then all the rest of the trees in the world alt-trees, but no one bats an eye over calling 4000+ coins altcoins. Then there are shitcoins. Some of which are making people rich! What is this? Cryptoworld is like if Dr. Suess and a sentient graphing calculator had a baby and fed it a custom blend of LSD and motherboards and told it to go forth and multiply.

Cryptoworld is like if Dr. Suess and a sentient graphing calculator had a baby and fed it a custom blend of LSD and motherboards and told it to go forth and multiply.

Standing around being amazed by Cryptoworld was my first goal for writing. And I did pretty good with that in February and March. I was, and still am really, a big big fan of getting free crypto for free. I liked faucets! I think half of my pieces have been talking about which faucets are paying and which ones have pissed me off. I spent more time than I intended being annoyed, with almost all of the annoyance being tied to the smothering effects of what America does best - making it hard for regular people to make and keep money for themselves. America makes it super fricking easy to give money to rich people, but not to keep it. KYC, sites that block Americans, and so on caused aggravation after aggravation. 

But I am a new, more cheerful guy, as you can tell. I even have cute NFTs now, so you know I am chill. (and, you know there will eventually be a NFT giveaway! haha!) You will hardly ever hear me complaining about CAPTCHA Hell or KYC (Kidnap Your Coin) again! 

April marked a change for me because I find myself with just enough of a nugget to actually start investing for the first time in Cryptoworld. I have coin to play with above and beyond what I put into it, so I can start the long journey toward becoming a competent trader, investor, or hodler. I probably will NOT become competent, but at least I will get some practice hours in. That is the big change April has brought - I needed to start learning and trying my hand at moving assets around, buying a greater variety of coins, and learning how to stake and create liquidity for pools. That meant less time for faucets and much less time for writing about faucets. 

What I Earned from Writing

PublishOx is my first home as a writer in this space, and is still where I write almost everything. I did not write as much as I wanted, only 7 articles. Ouch! Those articles earned me $53.02. That is almost exactly $10 less than I earned in March. Well, PublishOx readers reward hard work and consistent output and I slacked a bit this past month, so that's what you get. This total includes a random $10 prize in one of PublishOx's writing contests, for my piece that was a bit critical of Presearch. I think I keep evaluating a lot of these projects based on whether they work and are functional rather than on whether they might piss off a tech giant or make a strong return on investment. Old habits die hard, haha. I still use Presearch when I search, and at least half the time it gives me some useful information in the first few pages of results. And because of my earnest yet somewhat sporadic searching, I am now only 2 or 3 years away from being able withdraw my PRE tokens. Yippee!

But this article is not about Presearch, it is about what someone who is pretty busy with other parts of life can earn if he tries really hard to write interesting piece, even if he does not try to do so often enough. 

Also, I was too naïve to realize the potential importance of keeping some AMPL (or any cryptocurrency) on chain or in my wallet, so I missed out on thousands of dollars when AMPL airdropped FORTH tokens to verifiable on chain holders. You win some you lose some, right? was a new idea back in March, and to be honest, the thought of engaging on any kind of social media makes me feel sad, bored, and pre-emptively annoyed. I dropped Facebook back in 2013 or something, and pretty much everything else around 2016. But is really different. rewards people being real, kind, constructive, interactive, and helpful. It is a perfect companion to PublishOx, I think.

It is hard to estimate how much BCH I gained through my participation on Until very recently, most of it came in the form of multiple deposits of less than $.01 - if you think I am going to count all those up, you should either see a psychiatrist or better yet send me 100,000 Banano in exchange for my super special $FerarriBulgari coin that will moon for you! So, I am just using the 30 day USD value history of my BCH holding to estimate, which is about $69. It is quite odd to consider that I earned more by making random, brief posts and by sharing my encouragement or excitement for other people's news, art, or trading ideas. But, there you have it.

Cine.TV was a new idea for me in April. I always have loved movies, and with the easy access of Netflix and other streamers, I have gotten really enthusiastic about TV as well, especially during the pandemic. For fun, I started writing reviews of movies and TV series. It feels low pressure, and I get to write about topics I love. Good thing I love the topic because I am not making much money haha!!! In the strange hall of mirrors and holograms that is Hive, I have earned all sorts of little weird points, CineTV dollars, Hive, Hive power, Hive dollars, Hive this, Hive that, and maybe even a Hive Tesla Roadster that is halfway to HiveMars. Who knows? According to Ecency, the site I randomly chose to onboard into my Hive experience, all my tokens are worth $8. But writing about Anna and the Apocalypse? Priceless!

Torum is another new forum for me. I have had such a great time meeting and interacting with people on PublishOx and Noise.Cash that I thought I'd try another social media site. I highly recommend it! It is another supportive, interesting community. I have caught absolutely zero snark over there. It is a social media microblogging site where you earn XTM for completing activity missions and can swap gifts of XTM among yourself and other users. I have been doing it for about a week and am both enjoying myself and accumulating a potentially interesting coin. I would encourage you to try it out. If you use my referral we each get a little XTM, so why not? I have been trying to help the Torum folks see the value over here at PublishOx, as I think they are pretty complementary. XTM doesn't seem to be traded anywhere, but I have 115 of them. Woot? is the most disappointing forum I have tried. I really have come to like BCH, but my experience with as way to earn BCH has been a lot like my experience when I was younger trying to get the hottest girl in our school to give me a try... it is almost as if I didn't even exist. I have written a few things over at but no one cares. Like literally nobody. I have made $.00001. I think it is a site that eventually rewards diligence or great networking/promotional skills, and I don't have much of either. I suppose I will keep trying but it is a low priority given all the other things I have going on (oh, and my real life job haha!).

BAT is the last entry that I will keep tracking here. I use Brave browser all day every day, it seems. Doing so and clicking on the ads allows me to earn BAT, which I will be able to withdraw sometime this year probably haha! In April, I earned 3.7 BAT, worth about $4.50. Well, that's not going to get me very far, but I still like the browser so I'm sticking with it.

So, let's add it all up!

PubOx tips = $43.02

PubOx contest raffle prize = $10.00

Noise.Cash = $69

CineTV = $8.00

Torum = 115 TORUM worth ... mystery! = if a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it does it make a sound?

BAT = $4.50

Grand Total = $134.52

Onward to MAY!!!

As always, thanks for reading!


Despite all these earnings, I am still a big fan of FREE, as in free crypto, and use each of these sites every day. You also might like one of these simple ways to start earning a little FREE crypto today!

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