Half the sky flooded with water brings us days of emotionality and unlocking conversations. Everything gets deep and intense with Moon in Scorpio.The 10 of Cups and the Page of Swords - 18/06/24

Moon transiting Scorpio opposing Mars in Taurus. Intuition and insight surround us in a climate of depth and intensity where truths and secrets can be exposed. Venus and Mercury in conjunction recently entered Cancer, square Neptune in Pisces. There are important conversations but they will be given from the heart, with the intention of solving with respect and understanding. The water floods the sky giving us a few days of emotionality and feelings that spread around us. With Mars in Taurus opposing the Moon, we may experience the occasional moment of tension or lack of understanding but they will be temporary. Today we get the 10 of Cups and the Page of Swords that perfectly define the energies that the stars give us. The 10 of Cups shows us that climate of happiness and ease that we have before us. That emotional climate of benevolence and peace. It can also mean that a cycle has ended and a new stage that we could have been looking for has begun. For its part, the Page of Swords suggests the possible appearance of friction or surprises, encouraging us to be a little alert but also telling us that we can control this situation without too much problem. Tuesday in Taurus can bring us situations like this, but from the lands of Taurus they tend to be moments that are not so abrupt and therefore easier to resolve. Enjoy these days swimming through the waters of your emotions and drive from kindness to enjoy it. Happy Tuesday!!



The 10 of Cups indicates happy moments. If your heart desires something, it suggests that you will get it soon. The card also indicates the end of a cycle, that is, you can finally achieve or have achieved something, resolutions in the current situation, a love or having taken the next step in your relationship. If you are facing any problem, it may be solved very well.


The 10 of Cups symbolizes emotional achievements and the end of a cycle. In the card, we see a couple greeting life and above them, a rainbow with 10 glasses. They look happy and are celebrating. Their two children show that their wishes have been fulfilled and that the near future will bring them even more joy. A house behind trees suggests comfort and stability.


This card often indicates a perception that everything is too good to be true, but the final message is that you should enjoy the moment, since the energy that passes through it says that there is effort and merit involved.



The Page of Swords suggests that you must have redoubled attention. It suggests that you must face an unexpected and fast situation, indicating that you will have the strength and wisdom to overcome challenges. Avoid making hasty decisions, keep your head in the right place and act with intelligence, not emotion. This card also means that secrets will not last long.


The Page of Swords symbolizes clarity and truth about the situation at hand. This card may indicate a younger person who can interact or help, providing new insight or information.


In the letter, we see a young man wielding a sword. Demonstrates drive to resolve problems quickly. The sword symbolizes knowledge and truth, as well as the intention to get straight to the point, without excuses.


The sky is full of clouds and the wind blows over the trees in the background. Troubled waters suggest difficulties and the overall feeling of this card is one of tumultuous energy. It suggests strength and intelligence to overcome obstacles, but warns against hasty decisions.





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