Thoughts about the newest Humble Drop and Historical Listing (up to February 2022)

By bengy | The Elder Gamer | 23 Feb 2022

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Borderlands 3
Borderlands 3: Director's Cut
Black Book
Per Aspera
Just Die Already
Before We Leave
Paradise Lost

I think that this was the first of the Humble Bundle subcriptions that is under the new system where all the games are being offered and there is no tiered system to affect the number of choices that you get from the package. Oddly enough, the package is still being called "Choice"... when there is absolustely nothing to choose from! Anyway, all of that is a bit of a non-event for me, as I am still on the Legacy subscription. However, that does mean that I have no additional perks from the Legacy subscription that I understand... maybe soon?

So, this particular Humble Bundle is a bit of pretty interesting package for me. Some really cool concept games, some that I had almost recently bought (I always have to remember to never purchase games at the Steam sales) and a couple that I am a little bit lukewarm about. I guess that it would be not much of a surprise that the games that I find more interesting are not likely to be the ones that others might find interesting!

Leading the package is the well known triple A game, Borderlands 3 (and a Director's cut DLC). I had purchased and played the first two Borderlands games a while back... I'm a bit lukewarm about them in general. I like the art style, and humour and story... but I'm not sure that I really clicked with the game play which is a mix of a FPS shooter with ARPG (aka Diablo-like) loot mechanics. It really is more of a couch/multiplayer game... I can see that it would be more fun like that, but as a single player game it isn't quite so good. The FPS part is really ruined by the idea of having numbers just pop out of enemies that are essentially damage sponges. I might end up keeping it though, it might be something that might be fun to play with family when the kids get older... on the other hand, by that time, Borderlands 3 might be considered to be a vintage or retro game! Anyway, I did like other games that were set in the Borderlands universe, such as the TellTale point and click adventure game!

Black book is a pretty awesome looking card-based RPG that is based in Slavic folklore. This game has been on my wishlist since I first heard of it sometime last year... and recently, it was on sale on Steam as well. Thankfully, I resisted the temptation to buy it... and here it is, appearing as the second game in the package! Really, this game alone makes the whole package worth it for me! I'm definitely claiming and installing this one as soon as I hit some reliable internet! Or perhaps, I should wait until I have our own network up in our own house instead of crippling the network at the in-laws again...

Holy crap! Per Aspera also looks pretty awesome! Terraform the Red Planet?!?!?! Yes please! I am definitely in with this one.. and it doesn't hurt that it has been so well received by critics and gamers alike! This is a pretty rare feat, and it is a refreshing change from the Triple-A shooters/multiplayer stuff that infect the most popular charts... this game reminds of the days when gaming was a true nerd obsession, before it became "cool".

Just Die Already is a pretty unusual game concept... to give some context, it is done by the same developers as Goat Simulator. So, how to describe it... you are an old-age resident in a future where society is just waiting for you to die, so that you aren't an unproductive drain on the economy anymore! So, what are you going to do... apparently, break out of the old people's home and cause mayhem in this open world chaos simulator! I'm not sure if I want to hate or like this game????.... I might just keep it around for laughs... but it might end up being another game where it is more fun with other people... and that doesn't really mesh so well with the single player gaming habits that I have.

Before We Leave is cool looking city builder game where you nurture you Peeps on a planet from the their humble beginnings through to the ages... but beware the Space Whales! It has a pretty nice art style, and the concept is decent... I do love my city builders, so this game is definitely right up my alley! It appears to have been well received by its community, so I think that this is going to be a game that I will claim and try out on one of my travels!

Paradise Lost is one of these games that fall into the "walking simulator" category... I did go through a phase of these types of game a while back and they can be great as they really showcase gaming as a narrative medium to tell amazing stories. However, I know that many people find them to be either boring or non-games. I think that they are decent ways of exploring games as a way of telling stories, however, I do agree with the idea that they aren't games... but somehow, I did find the impact of some of these games to be much stronger than if I had read a book or watched a movie. Somehow, the medium just drags you in and involves you more personally with the characters and story... well, for me at least. My wife disagrees!

Everhood is a curious one... retro graphics and a strange guitar hero sort of gameplay? Crossed with RPG mechanics... honestly, I have absolutely no idea what to think about this game. It seems to be one of these indie games that could either be an absolute gem or an acquired taste that lands badly for my personal likes. The reviews are overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the game... so, that in itself is enough for me to give it a try. After all, that is the magic of the Humble Bundles, the chance to be exposed to some interesting games that you wouldn't otherwise be on the lookout for!

Rounding out this month's list is a cat game called Calico. I know that it definitely isn't for me.... however, my oldest daughter has recently got into these sorts of home/community building games, and the art style and the inclusion of cats is definitely going to put this game right in her field of interest. I guess I will claim it, and save it up to spring on her when the time is right!

Humble Bundle is an awesome subscription service, dropping up to 10 games each month of around 300 euros in price for the low low price of 12 USD. In addition you get access to the Humble Trove of downloadable games that accessible as long as you have a subscription and up to 20% discounts on the games being sold on the main store (in addition to any other discounts).

So, a super great deal... however, I have found that it is incredibly annoying to not have a historical listing of ALL the past Monthly drops in a place that is easy to find and accessible. I have to trawl through my old monthly purchases to look individually to see what has already dropped! There doesn't even seem to be a compilation of this information anywhere on the internet (not that I could find at least...).... so, I'm going to be releasing an updated historical list of Monthly Bundles each month (surprise...) when the Choice bundle drops.

Mostly, this is more for my own sanity... and I really hope that it is of some use to other people as well. When a sale goes up, I always am wondering if I already own the game (I don't tend to claim the purchases and keys immediately...) and if I'm going to be double buying the Steam key... or if the game goes on sale on Switch or a different platform, I don't want to be buying a second copy again!... or maybe someone will see this and see what a great deal
Humble Bundle really is! Plus, if you like e-books (comics and books) or audiobooks, there are often Pay-What-You-Want deals going on all the time!

So, without further ADO!... the historical listings, in reverse chronological order (newest first..) of the Humble Choice games... from when I first joined! This is being done manually... it is a pain in the arse, but Humble doesn't make it easy! Still, when it is done, each new month will be easier to do! Just got to remember to make a template...

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