Cyberpunk updating nightmares...

By bengy | The Elder Gamer | 20 Feb 2022

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So, to much fanfare... the huge 1.5 patch for Cyberpunk 2077 was released a few days ago, and I've been pretty damn keen to download and install it as it promises a wide range of performance, gameplay and UI enhancements that make Cyberpunk edge a little bit closer to what we were all expecting from CD Projekt RED... something that would tend a little bit more like Witcher 3 in a Cyberpunk setting. Of course, it isn't likely that the game is going to veer away from the fairly prescribed linear development and lack of real choice in its main storyline... but at least there will be other things that will make the whole game less of a chore to play.

Now, if you had read my previous First Impressions and Review of the game, you will find that I considered the game to be a solid okay game.. It wasn't the buggy mess that appeared at launch, but it was also not the masterpiece that many were hoping that it would be... and in the end, the story was juvenile, the voice acting was a bit forced, the gameplay was a bit ho-hum, and the game world was bland (and juvenile...). It would be a great game for a young adolescent who still finds that looking through a biology textbook to find pictures of "nudes" to be a huge thrill.... and the forced "philosophy" is the sort of thing that you would expect from 1st year university students that are high and drunk and posting their high minded ideals on Twitter.

Still... who is going to turn down a huge patch that promises to fix at least some of these issues? And by huge, it sits at a very pretty 64GB of downloadable goodness... which would be no problem if I was in my own home, or in the old country of Netherlands where a 64GB download would be the merest 10 minute maximum hiccup in the network.

However, I find myself staying at the in-laws... and in Australia. Australia has followed the American route of just marketing shitty internet speeds as "fast" or "super-fast".. and leaving it at that. Forget about making and maintaining infrastructure to actually have fast internet, just relabel it, jack up the price, dump it on the public, and have no-one the wiser.

So, before downloading anything when we arrived at our in-laws, I made sure to check to see if they had download limits or anything like that... yes yes, Australia still has the archaic practice of throttling speeds if you hit an arbitrary limit... something about a few users stressing out the network or something like that (or is it to protect the children? I always forget which straw man we use for which problem... possibly it is the "if you have nothing to hide" one?). I have accidently wiped out their allowance before....

... anyway, this time around, they said that they had an unlimited allowance. Not particularly fast at roughly 1 MB per second on the network, sometimes maxing out to about 5 MB per second... but good enough if I left it on overnight.

However, here is where Steam decides to play annoying tricks with me.... for some reason, Steam wasn't caching the download. So, when I disconnected the laptop in the morning, it still had about 2 hours left on the download... and I wanted to use the computer to do some work in the morning when I was doing the parent taxi thing. What a rude surprise when I got to a car stop... pulled out the laptop, connected to the mobile hotspot... and found that everything had started from 0% again! WTF!!!!?!?!?!... I didn't even turn the computer off... I only paused the download and put the computer to sleep!!!!


Screenshot 2022-02-19 09.19.27.png


Thankfully, I had 60GB of data banked up on my mobile internet... So, I was going to finish this on my phone hotspot. Starting again... and seeing a much faster download speed anyway. It would be done in less than hour... plus, 18GB of the performance part of the patch had already been installed. So, not quite as much as before.

Sadly, by the time it was time to do the pickup rounds again, I still had about 10 minutes left on the download. So, I dropped my bag and phone in the boot of the car... left the laptop in the large boot and let it all continue downloading from there whilst I drove everyone back to have a treat at a cafe. Now, I wouldn't normally recommend that... but the boot of this car is large and directly connected to the main part of the car and its air-conditioning... so, no chance of overheating there.

... what I hadn't counted on was the fact that my mobile was in the back pouch of my bag, and I had forgotten to take it out before I drove off... so, the phone overheated, and shut itself down to preserve itself... and in doing so, killed the mobile hotspot. Which meant that the laptop lost internet connection, and seeing as nothing of any note was happening anymore... went into power saving sleep. Which killed the download... at around 2 minutes left to go. @%$^@^%@$%^@B$%^@%B^@%V$T... sooooooo close! and now I didn't have enough data allowance banked to definitely complete the download.... and I needed some allowance for my work trips in the next fortnight.


Screenshot 2022-02-19 21.24.43.png


No matter... I figured I could do the sluggy version at the in-laws network. So, I left the download to run overnight... It should finish by the morning and in time for my travelling.

... except... it turns out that they DO have a data limit. They were mistaken about that... I apologised, and will pay for the data package to keep their internet off the glacial dial-up speeds for this month. I'm also scaling back the amount of data that I'm using until we move into our house next month. Sigh... Honestly, I don't think that I'm going to wait sometime between 24 days and a year to pick up this patch!

So, I'm not going to manage this week... however, I am at a hotel this evening... perhaps I'm going to just see how much the hotel network is going to allow me to download. Past experience will lead me to think that it won't be enough, but seeing as I'll be doing everything else on my mobile hotspot, I'm happy to just try my luck!


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