Why not using HIVE? (HIVE as a solution in order to avoid ETH Gas Fees in Publish0x)

By toofasteddie | The cryptorunner | 1 Sep 2020

Publish0x decided a few weeks ago to reward its users, authors and curators , not only with BAT and LRC, which are fine, but also with ETH.
Everybody was really enthusiastic to receive ETH instead of DAI tokens (pegged somehow to the USD) but this week all this change has become a problem because Publish0x states that they cannot process the weekly payments due to the extremely high ETH GAS fees which makes the current process economically not viable.


The situation is so dramatic that they are speculating with the idea to reduce the payment to their authors and curators to once a month instead of once a week.


It is really difficult to understand why Crypto-monetized Social sites as Publish0x still trust on Ethereum in order to process the payment of their members when it is clear that fees are terrific.

Instead, why not using HIVE in order to pay your content creators and curators?

I am not talking even of using the HIVE blockchain as a base layer on which build the publish0x site...that would be another front-end more on HIVE similar to Peakd or Hive.blog but... why not using the speed and free-Fee transaction of a decentralised blockchain?

My proposal to the Publish0x owners is that they could really exchange their ETH tokens in HIVE tokens, there is a direct pair on Blocktrades or BINANCE if the wish, HIVE/ETH, that would allow doing it in a fraction of second with very little fee in the exchange.




Once you get your HIVE tokens in your wallet, the payment to the authors and curators is free of fee and processed almost instantaneously.

The benefit of using HIVE for publish0x owners and members is infinitely better than using any other ETH based token, besides, current HIVE frontends and Publish0x would remain in their particular Social Site "niches", being the second more crypto topic related...I frankly don't see a detriment in any of the two "competitors", if they are so...


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