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Stocks bleeding towards BTC?...better do not FOMO

5 hours ago 1 minute read 3 comments toofasteddie

What an incredible day for BITCOIN!!!Total Crypto Market cap breaking the 400 bln USD resistance! At the beginning of the day I was afraid about another Squeezing day for the ALTCOINS were just happening.But, fortunately I was wrong because major alt...

Healthy correction?

26 Oct 2020 1 minute read 1 comment toofasteddie

According to this new 88857.24519026 BTC has been moved in a unique operation this afternoon. That means 1.15 bln USD in just one operation which fees only cost 3.54$ Up to date, this has been the largest transaction registered in BTC history Immedia...

A new toy for my boy ;-)

24 Oct 2020 1 minute read 0 comments toofasteddie

As we have been locked up at home due to a false alarm of covid contagion, we have decided to go all afternoon for a walk in the open air.Today Max has tested his new freestyle scooter for the first time... A true beauty, light and well finished. Lit...

"False Alarm"...

23 Oct 2020 1 minute read 1 comment toofasteddie

Maybe you were wondering why I didn't post any of my running workouts since Tuesday the last... The reason was because the whole family were hard locked down at home because, on Wednesday afternoon, my 10 years old son started to get apparently many...

Total Market Cap in a Decisional Moment: My view now...

22 Oct 2020 1 minute read 3 comments toofasteddie

400 Billion USD at the time of writing this post.We are at the Highest High of the year. Moment to see what are the options about the sustainability of this amazing and awaited Uprise. Applying Elliot Waves theory you can always have at least a coupl...

Quick trade on WAVES/USDT: Double Bullish Pattern

22 Oct 2020 1 minute read 0 comments toofasteddie

I don't know which pattern is more bullish, the W pattern or the Inverted Head and Shoulders one which WAVES is showing on the 4-hour chart. According to the W-BOTTOM pattern, we can identify both bottoms, being the second slightly lower than t...


21 Oct 2020 1 minute read 0 comments toofasteddie

Paypal announcement has launched the total market cap again to touch an important level which is the maximum achieved during the past 17 months. Crossing this resistance will mean a lot since it would be clear that FRESH FIAT is incoming and not the...

Political and economical uncertainty good for BITCOIN?

21 Oct 2020 1 minute read 0 comments toofasteddie

Many people claiming that BITCOIN is beginning the "Mooning" phase these days, which I hope so too but I personally would be more assured on this if I would see a clear and sustained increase on volume accompanying the movement.For the moment, it loo...

Therapeutical Run

20 Oct 2020 1 minute read 2 comments toofasteddie

I cannot describe how therapeutic running can be, especially in the current moment of the pandemic.There are already many months with social restrictions and all this is going to last longer and, most likely, in a harder way. In my city we are almost...

HIVE: Are we becoming a FAUCET blockchain?

20 Oct 2020 1 minute read 1 comment toofasteddie

BITCOIN rises not only on price but also in dominance, however the total Market cap is more or less the same as we have experienced since early August.And when it does so, it squeezes the majority of the altcoins till the max. Most of the squeezed...


Stocks bleeding towards BTC?...better do not FOMO

5 hours ago toofasteddie

27 October 2020
Market cap has to increase with the entrance of FIAT if we want BTC to increase its price. BTC price could rise while bleeding altcoins but in the long run, total market has to increase.

Stellar Lumens XLM | Big Move Is Triggered For November 2020

23 Oct 2020 moon333

24 October 2020
No doubt it is a handle on going, what I am telling is that any cup and handle is played from the neckline of the cup on-wards, no matter the handle... In this case an Inverted Cup and handle is BEARISH once neckline is broken, do you understand?

Something unusual about Bitcoin price pump this time

23 Oct 2020 Bala

23 October 2020
It will correct but for sure it will raise higher then.

Stellar Lumens XLM | Big Move Is Triggered For November 2020

23 Oct 2020 moon333

23 October 2020

Stellar Lumens XLM | Big Move Is Triggered For November 2020

23 Oct 2020 moon333

23 October 2020
Just I would like to tell you that an INVERTED CUP and HANDLE used to be BEARISH and not BULLISH so...

Total Market Cap in a Decisional Moment: My view now...

22 Oct 2020 toofasteddie

22 October 2020
yep, volume is lagging now

Did I make a terrible mistake by selling my BTC for Hive ?

21 Oct 2020 Bala

21 October 2020
I have to say that YES... it was a bad deal. Don't get me wrong, I am a hive-believer but I don't think we are doing things well in terms of selling our own project, which is a pity.

Dcity has much better returns than I expected!

21 Oct 2020 trumpman

21 October 2020
More or less the same, I'm halfway of recovering my investment... I was expecting a better return by the way

A Swiss watchmaker relies on the Ethereum blockchain to issue certificates of authenticity

19 Oct 2020 Digo-cash

19 October 2020
Excellent use-case, normalization of crypto use on going

Rolled out my first DCITY background! Dump or HODL?

19 Oct 2020 trumpman

19 October 2020
Long time since I have invested on dcity. I am keeping milking it

Sometimes Shit Happens...also while running!

18 Oct 2020 toofasteddie

18 October 2020
sure, sorry for the shitty story

Brave Browser - How to Earn More BAT Tokens Per Hour

18 Oct 2020 Novasky

18 October 2020
It doesn't work for me, I don't know what happens lately but ads are not coming as used to

Still stuck with some HF issues on Hive

18 Oct 2020 Bala

18 October 2020
This last HF has produced a lot of problems, hope it will be back to normal soon

Link Finally Breaks Out From 52 Day Resistance Line (TA - 14th of October)

14 Oct 2020 pheonixdown-dee

15 October 2020
I think LINK still has to drop lower after completing C. This looks like a 5-3-5 zig-zag

When HODLing makes sense... for me

12 Oct 2020 acesontop

12 October 2020
You can always swap HIVE for steem on Hive-engine and then send to your old steem account and then to Binance

When HODLing makes sense... for me

12 Oct 2020 acesontop

12 October 2020
Did you try bittrex?

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Will Bitcoin Hit 14K Today!?

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  Bitcoin is testing 2017's bull run highs. 14k appears to be Bitcoin's most true resistance point, and at the time of this writing Bitcoin is at $13715! Anything could happen if it breaks through 14k. It's 1:47pm EST and the 15 minute candles are...

What is a "Sat" ? - Crypto Whiteboard 101

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What Is A Satoshi? "Stacking Sats" is a common phrase in the crypto community that refers to purchasing Bitcoin as a long term investment, but what is a "Sat"? A "Satoshi", or simply "Sat" is a unit of account that is equivalent to 1 / 100,000,000 Bi...

How to move abroad on the cheap

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I'm pretty much set to leave the UK for Portugal now, with the intention of having an explore, finding some land to buy there and then living on said land. The whole idea behind this move is to reduce my day to day cost of living expenses, ideally ha...

True Story - Granny at the Bitcoin Store

8 hours ago 2 minute read comments acesontop

That time when locals will start asking you, for being the crypto guy of course, on how to buy and store BTC, how high do you think it will go and whether it will replace traditional money, hasn't come yet... We're still early in this bull market and...

Harvest Finance hacked

13 hours ago 1 minute read comments Simplify Crypto

Harvest Finance's decentralized financing protocol suffered a hacker attack in which approximately $25 million in crypto were stolen. Twitter's defiprime profile reported at 7 pm on October 25, Sunday, that something strange was happening with the pr...

Emotionally Driven "Dumb Money"

15 hours ago 2 minute read comments acesontop

There's probably no one around here that hasn't camped, at least for a night or two, in the dumb money village. That one where people sell on retraces, buy the peak, catch falling knives, and get out of markets for good, right before the market turns...

Eagerly waiting for Hive power up day

18 hours ago 2 minute read comments Bala

It is just 3 more days to go till the next power-up day. I know that it is not mandatory to do a power-up only on 1 st of every month. But still, I wanted to do it only on the power-up day just for the record. I have been waiting for the next month t...

On web design and development

26 Oct 2020 5 minute read comments Alexandru-Balan

Recently I entered a Harvest Finance contest which consisted of creating a new design for their website. Since I'm not a web designer, but a software engineer, I decided to take on this job the way I knew best: by writing some code. I never used too...

Bitcoin is forming patterns that preceded strong growth in the past

26 Oct 2020 1 minute read comments World Crypto

Bitcoin (BTC) is showing patterns that previously emerged before the massive rallies, indicating a possible start to the next exponential bull run, according to Nautilus Research. In a Twitter post, Nautilus Research suggested that Bitcoin is current...

Who Bought All the Rusties?!?

26 Oct 2020 1 minute read comments RealSociology

Rusty is THE DUFF card of the Splinterlands canon - there is no more useless card than the Rusty Android, but for some reason someone's been on a buying spree and pushed the price up eight times overnight. I know regular Rusties were selling for $0.0...



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