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By toofasteddie | The cryptorunner | 13 May 2022

As befits the end of every cycle, the crypto market has had its bubble burst which I think has been sobering for most.

For those who have been in this market for a short time, a couple of years or so, I have to tell you that what has happened in recent days has not surprised me at all.
Each new bullish cycle causes a bubble, in this case, the hundreds of DeFi protocols are what has caused it and although there are very interesting ones, most of them are just that, a full-fledged pyramid scheme... obviously, there is nothing new to what I'm saying but it's been a long time since, in discussions with other crypto fans, I argued to them not to get carried away by high APRs, especially when the APR is obtained in the number of tokens you can get from the respective DeFi-token only usable in its own protocol itself (LoL).


The case of LUNA and UST was too good to be true, 20% in "stable" coin... I myself, without even believing its sustainability, have come to lose some amount, although very small, in a protocol that, I refused to accept that it was true but nonetheless thought was well worth testing...


As a result of the event that occurred a couple of days ago, the crypto market has lost large amounts of an indispensable property, trust.
Now, as in every cycle, it is our turn to continue building and accumulating those projects that really make sense in the long term. Time will restore confidence in the market and I don't think it will take too long to do so.
If you want to speculate on various DeFi shit, it's obviously up to you but the ideal would be to imagine which project will prevail in the distant future.
I'm still researching about it, waiting for that technological inflection to emerge that deserves attention, however, in my opinion, today there are only two projects that require my full attention and dedication, one is BITCOIN and the other is HIVE... everything else feeds to these two, because I see no reason to invest long-term in the others than speculation in the short or medium term with the risk that this entails.


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