Dungeon Diving: My DungeonSwap Review

Dungeon Diving: My DungeonSwap Review

Last week I wrote about DungeonSwap, a table-top RPG style game on BSC. I've been pretty excited about this project, and today they released the first few dungeons of the actual game. So far, it has a pretty legitimate D&D feel to it, but with a small fee to enter the dungeon and paid rewards for success.

There are currently 3 options available - a training yard to get you started and two campaigns. The training yard is only 0.7 $DND to enter and is an easy intro to the game with a piece of NFT gear as a reward. The Mad Wizard's Underground Lair is 1 $DND to enter, with some decent payouts if you beat any monsters and a chance at a huge jackpot (8000+ $DND right now) if you clear the dungeon. The Grand Colosseum has a steeper buy-in at 10 $DND and is for more experienced adventurers. I haven't risked it there yet as my gear doesn't stack up.

The Mad Wizard's Underground Lair is a pretty fun adventure. I've gone through a few battles and it's basically a series of monster battles, each with a possible reward and decreasing chances you'll be successful in your fight. And every fight comes with a chance the monster will drop some NFT gear that will help your future adventures.

You'll start relatively easy, but the odds go down from there, although you can walk away at any time with what you've earned. You can also spend a little $DND for a special attack that boosts success chances and the odds of an NFT drop. And the monsters are pretty cool 


Every monster you beat ups your possible $DND reward, but also the difficulty. The more gear you acquire, the easier the fights will get too as they'll boost your overall power. And the based $DND rewards aren't bad either. 1 $DND to enter and a few successful fights later: 


I escaped the dungeon after that one - the odds were starting to not look very good. But a good adventurer knows when to walk away and live to fight another day. And I'm sure I'll be back. I'm excited to see what kind of gear I can acquire and what the other dungeons are like once I'm strong enough to survive in them for a while.


DungeonSwap website: https://dungeonswap.app/

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