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The Deliverators: Better Living through Pizza! - Evaluating and Organizing a Gang

By m3ss | The Crypto-Gaming Guild | 11 Sep 2021


With Neon District officially on tract to release later this year there is no better time than the present to get your gang started. Well, there is one better time, six months ago. That's when I started delivering pizzas to start earning Neon to start recruiting and building the war-chest of items needed to equip a large criminal organization. So far, to be real, our lads really just aspire to be criminals. Aside from some instances of petty theft, mostly harmless cybercrime from the hackers, and a bit of LIGHT treason our gang is mostly just a pizza union!

let's have a look around at the Deliverators!


As you can see we currently have a nice full roster with multiple instances of each class. Due to the complex leveling system present in Neon District two level 1 Heavies will end up looking quite different by the time they are level 5 and, for this reason, it pays to have spares of key classes!


I've really been thinking about getting an additional level 1 of each class started. With us not really knowing what Neon District is going to look or play like when it releases those of us playing the accumulation game now are often working in the dark. Another class of members seems like a very safe investment to me.

But, what do we have to equip our soldiers with when it comes time to enter the district for real? Let's take a peek in the Armory together, shall we?


These are the top 25% of weapons I've collected. Stuff like this currently sells for some really zesty prices on OpenSea but I'm here for the long run, not a quick buck.


All of these items (aside from the one level 4 twin tanto) are not only rare but have been fully leveled using Parts purchased with the Neon our gang earns delivering pizzas. Now you see why pizza is so key to this! No pizza, no neon! No neon, no legendary nightsticks!


Things start to get a lot more complex when it comes to Armor so let's head on over to the Dressing Area and see what we are working with to get our posse dressed in the latest cyberpunk fashions!


This page is the top 15% of my equipment. There is a lot of information here so please take your time looking it over. It's also helpful here to take a look at an individual equipment piece to get a better idea of how each piece works. Let's pull out that highest quality item and take a look...


This one comes with a cool purse! swoon

There is a ton of information on this screen. We get the 8 equipment stats and it looks like the item name is formatted. I think what's going on here is [faction] [faction class name]: [quality]. In the original screen shot you can see I have Ceres Lifegiver items in both Legendary and Rare quality. While these it's are in the same set they are colored differently by their quality level. This means that unless you want your character to be a garish mix of colors you are going to need a LOT of equipment for matching sets!

Otherwise you're going to have to go out in public dressed like this:


Oof, not great!

Have you joined the Neon District? Are you out there delivering pizza and earning Neon right now? If not, why not? What's wrong with you? There is time to right this incredible wrong before it's too late. Ir maybe you like missing out on stuff or hate pizza or something? It takes all kinds I guess!

So I want to offer one last huge thanks to the 128+ people who made the recent CryptoGaming Guild Splinterlands Tournament a massive success AND all the folks over at Splintertalk who support all the articles we write about the game we all love. That's not unnoticed lads, please keep it up! We love you right back!

Are you looking to hang out with other Crypto-Gamers? Join us over at the The Crypto-Gaming Guild discord. We are looking for game captains and folks who can help organize. If you are interested, please step up!

The games we are currently focusing on are:
Rising Star
Neon District
Alien Worlds
Lost Relics

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