Bitcoin ATMS on the rise!
Bitcoin ATMS on the rise!

I decided to take a monthly look at the news coverage as it pertains to Bitcoin ATMS and here is what I found.

ATMs are on the rise and this provides another on ramp for people to acquire digital assets; primarily Bitcoin. Here in the United States and across the globe, it's becoming easier for the unbanked to buy Bitcoin at these machines; you can buy with a debit cards in NYC. In Australia they were seeing volumes of $360,000 on a weekly basis; during Crypto Winter.

While Bitcoin ATMs are on the rise, more importantly, the partnership between Coinme and Coinstar makes it possible to buy Bitcoin at 20,000 Coinstar locations. Chicago appears to be the hottest place where they are being installed in the US.

The things to understand is that one day we very well might see Bitcoin ATMs or the ability to buy Bitcoin on every street corner in every city around the globe. That said not eveyone is excited about this expansion, in Vancouver they are trying to Ban them.

I hope this gives you a good glimpse at the landscape for ATMs during the first half of 2019. This is made possible as a result of the daily work I do on publishing Crypto Watch 

Bitcoin ATM Manufacturers
Countries where ATMS are located

Jan 11, 2019: Almost 5 New Cryptocurrency ATMs Installed Worldwide Each Day, Data Shows (Cointelegraph)
Jan 20, 2019: Australian Bitcoin ATM startup says its raking in $360,000 per week (Bitcoinist)
Jan 25, 2019: Bitcoin ATM Startups Say They’re Booming, Thanks in Part to Venezuela (Coindesk)
Jan 29, 2019: Chicago Fast Becoming Bitcoin ATM Hot Spot with 30 New Machines (NewsBTC)
Jan 29, 2019: New Yorkers Can Now Buy Bitcoin at ATMs With Debit Cards (BitcoinNews)
Jan 31, 2019: NYDFS Grants BitLicense to Third Bitcoin ATM Operator (Coindesk)
Feb 11, 2019: A Major Philippine Bank Just Launched Crypto ATMs and it May Fuel Massive Bitcoin Adoption (CCN)
Feb 12, 2019: Bitcoin ATMs Have Doubled Almost Every Year Since 2016 (LongHash)
Feb 16, 2019: Bitcoin ATMs Surge Worldwide (DailyHodl)
Mar 02, 2019: Major Saudi ATM Provider Partners With Blockchain Identity Platform (Cointelegraph)
Mar 07, 2019: Stolen Bitcoin ATM Owners Suspect Memphis Robbery Was Inside Job (CCN)
Mar 13, 2019: Bitcoin ATM Double-Spenders: Police Need Help Identifying Four Criminals (CCN)
Mar 20, 2019: BCH Is Now Supported by a Large Crypto ATM Network in Switzerland (
Mar 26, 2019: Cryptocurrency ATM market projected to moon by 2024 (Bitcoinist)
Mar 31, 2019: Making ATM Bitcoin transactions via lightning network is becoming a reality (Bitcoinist)
Apr 22, 2019: Bitcoin ATM Firm 'Auscoin' a Front for International Drug Smuggling Ring: Australian Police (CCN)
May 01, 2019: Crypto ATM Operator Postpones Tether Buying ‘Until the Smoke Clears’ (Coindesk)
Jun 05, 2019: Bitcoin ATM Pioneer Vancouver Could Ban City's 76 Crypto Vending Machines (CCN)
Jun 10, 2019: Over 300 New Bitcoin ATMs Installed Last Month (Bitcoinist)
Jun 20, 2019: Bitcoin ATMs Go Live at 20 Circle K Convenience Stores (Coindesk)
Jun 25, 2019: There Are Now More Than 5,000 Bitcoin ATMs Around the World (Cointelegraph)
Jul 03, 2019: Soon, 3 Million Traditional ATMs Will Double Function As Bitcoin ATMs (EWN)
Jul 11, 2019: Spanish Police: Bitcoin ATMs a Blind Spot for Money Laundering Laws (Cointelegraph)

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