14 Feb: BTC Explosion!!!

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Guess what day it is Folks? HUMPDAY and St. Valentine's Day! Bitcoin is trading up at $51,518 and after popping close to $52K is still trying to find it's footing as it wants to press higher it seems. By the way and for the record I called it! Let's get on with the news...

Yesterday, Peter Thiel's Founders Fund invested $200 million in Bitcoin and Ethereum demonstrating confidence in crypto.(6) Today, Bitcoin crosses $1T in market cap for the second time in history. 

Total Crypto market capitalization just went over $2T. Bitcoin just crossed $1T for the second time in history(3) and Bitcoin breaks out and skyrockets to $51K!(2) Fear and greed at highest level in three years. According to MicroStrategy's founder Michael Saylor pent up demand is causing this explosion in price action today. Remember, last week to the date, MicroStrategy smashed the buy button and bought another 850 $BTC; now holding 190K.(6) BlackRock just hit 100K $BTC under management - I hope folks are paying attention.(2)

There is a chance that many of the ETF issuers will never break even. However, there is a 50% chance that a Spot $ETH ETF could be approved in May. Just a week ago, Solana outage causes a 4% dip in $SOL and a big rally in $ETH.(2) and now SOL price has skyrocketed 22% this week. Robinhood reported $43M in Crypto revenue. 

Would you believe that Faktoshi (aka Craig Wright) can't seem to name anyone he sent Bitcoin to as Satoshi. 

Bitcoin & Politics

In the last big election cycle we saw a lot of SuperPacs jump into the political races and here we are again. Coinbase and Ripple are backing the Fairshake Pac and it's put out an ad against an Ally of Elizabeth Warren; U.S. Senate candidate Katie Porter.(2) In addition, former government officials are saying that the Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act (DAAMLA) could create problems for jobs.(2) Pro-crypto candidate, Gibran Rakabuming Raka, in Indonesia wins VP slot. 


Bitcoin is outperforming stocks once again as it breaks $52K with Peter Schiff (bitcoin hater) saying it can now go to $100K. Short-term seller supply is dwindling hinting at further upside for Bitcoin; possibly toward $55K. Spot Bitcoin ETH inflows now over $4B since launch. Ethereum Co-Founder sold 10,000 ETH; was it a wise move? Upcoming policy meetings in the EU will shape Crypto. $147M shorts Genesis gets approval to offload $1.6B of GBTC.(2)



Podcast of the Day: #1309 Peter Schiff Says Bitcoin To $100,000? | TPP

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