15 Mar: The Pullback

"Flexibility alone is not a great strategy, but the lack of it can ruin one."
 –James Clear

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Top Performing Assets (24 Hours): $SOL -1.60% | $BNB -5.37% | $BTC -7.39% 


It's Frriiddaayyy Folks! Bitcoin is trading down at $67,805 and that is exactly where it was trading this time last week; funny how things can change so fast in one week. 


Today, Bitcoin may have fallen to its lowest levels in over a week, but BTC price optimism is anything but fading. Bitcoin fell below $67,000 as Grayscale moved over $400M in BTC to Coinbase and ETF inflows dropped by 80% in 24 hours(2); was $74K a cycle top and will this lead to a 20% correction? Will it go down to $45K - some believe it's possible. 

Mike Novogratz says that if outflows from spot market ETFs starts to exceed inflows this will lead to a correction. A fifth of US voters have bought crypto, Paradigm survey finds. El Salvador Bitcoin treasury is a lot bigger than we knew and they've moved about five thousand coins to cold storage.(3) Analyst Willy Woo predicts 1 billion Bitcoin holders by 2025, expecting a growth trajectory surpassing the early Internet's. JMP Securities forecasts Bitcoin could hit $280,000, driven by a $220 billion investment in Bitcoin ETFs over three years. However, Gold investors aren't switching into Bitcoin according to JP Morgan.

VanEck believes that $ETH ETFs could be bigger than Bitcoin ETFs.(2) Ethereum ecosystem needs a major mindset shift for global impact, says Vitalik Buterin. Swiss firm launched fully backed Cardano staking ETP. 

A $300M Ponzi Scheme that targeted Latinos falsely claimed to buy Crypto, according to the SEC.


The market is attempting a rally with Bitcoin and Ethereum bouncing back (derivatives showing strength), while Solana continues to break all-time highs. According to on-chain analytics firm IntoTheBlock, a staggering $750 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) was withdrawn from various crypto exchanges on March 14, as Bitcoin rose to a fresh all-time peak of almost $73,798.

Michael Saylor's MicroStrategy prices upsized $525M debt offering to buy more Bitcoin.(2) While, United States leads all countries with a staggering $9,360,000,000 worth of Crypto gains in 2023; imagine that?? Could you imagine if they continued to HODL and buy more? Wealth manager Cetera adds spot BTC ETFs to it platform, with training.



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A month ago, Bitcoin ETFs inflows were larger than the first 4 weeks; $2.2B and Bitcoin and Ethereum were 51% attack proof.(3) A few weeks ago, Coinbase begun fighting for the $ETH ETF saying it's not a security(3) and Reddit followed in the shoes of MicroStrategy and put their excess cash into $BTC and $ETH.(4) A couple weeks, Gemini will made their customers whole by returning 100% of the funds to those who participated in the Earn program.(7) Last week, Arizona lawmakers cited rapid growth of the Spot Bitcoin ETFs as a reason to add them to retirement portfolios(3) and Gary Gensler refused to answer if $ETH is a security(3) and Bitcoin broke an ATH of $70K. Yesterday, Bitcoin hit yet another high, tapping $73.8K and beware of Bitcoin's 'rising wedge,' says Josh Olszewicz which tends to be bearish but if a pull back does happen it will prob be short lived. 

Top Performing Assets (24 Hours):$SOL 14.53% | $BNB 10.75% | $ETH 4.04% 
Top Performing Assets Last Week (24 Hours):
$ETH -0.94% | $ADA -0.94% | $BTC -1.37% 


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