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10 Feb: Krack Down on Kraken

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It's Friiddaayyy Folks! The markets are tumbling as the regulatory scrutiny continues to have an impact on the industry. Let's get to the news...

Trending News Topics:

  • Kraken settles with the SEC for $30M
  • Market declines on SEC Scrutiny
  • Cleanspark goes on a buying spree

The role of cryptocurrency in advancing financial inclusion. $70B gone from Crypto markets as SEC cracks down on CEXs.(4) Bitcoin sentiment returns to neutral as price tumbles down.

Bitcoin declines below $22,000 as Coinbase deposits rise. Bitcoin has hit bottom — at least that's what Pantera Capital and Osprey Funds chiefs say. $220 Million worth liquidated as Bitcoin (BTC), Altcoins mark second day of losses. Bitcoin price faces key moving average showdown 3 weeks after breakout. Bitcoin SOPR nears vital retest, will bulls find victory?

Mississippi senate passes bill to protect cryptocurrency miners from discrimination. CleanSpark 2023 buying spree continues as company seeks to add 50-75MW and beats estimates, posts $29 million loss.(3) Bitcoin miner BitNile pulls 6,500 rigs from former Compute North site.

Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin says no chance ETH is classed as security. Ark Invest's Former analyst Chris Burniske believes $ETH will drop massively before rebounding. Ripple CEO laudsenergizing’ global regulatory progress amid SEC offensive.(3) Meanwhile, Ripple winning in SEC lawsuit would be bigger than settlement. Community urges Coinbase to relist $XRP as CEO fights for staking.

Crypto community sets Cardano price for February 28, 2023: $0.43; but the Bears might take over briefly before Cardano attempts to touch $0.38. Cardano ($ADA) primed for rebound based on this key factor. Cardano ranks biggest staking network after Ethereum. $MATIC demand skyrocketing at $1.11, with nearly 50,000 wallets buying in.

Kraken Down’ SEC commissioner rebukes own agency over the settlement to end staking services; are others next? SEC is using all means available.(11) CoinMetrics co-founder’s Nic Carter fears of coordinated attacks on crypto come true. Binance deploys zk-SNARKs on proof-of-reserves system. PayPal held $604M of customers' Crypto as of year-end 2022.(3) Paxos faces scrutiny from New York regulators as they gear up to protect consumers. Huobi exchange plans to expand In Hong Kong.

Bankrupt Crypto lender Celsius seeks to raise $14M from Bitmain mining vouchers. Publisher says it's trying to scrub all traces of 'Mashinsky Method' book. 3AC and CoinFLEX launch website, waitlist for crypto claims exchange.(2) Crypto lawsuits increased by almost 50% in 2022, study reveals.

Well that is a wrap folks, if you'd like to be in the know throughout the day, join me on Wubits where I am constantly sharing my thoughts about the Crypto market and personal development type topics. It's a community where you can meet REAL people, make REAL connections, and have REAL conversations. Thanks again for reading, watching, and listening with me.



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