06 Aug: Weekend Recap

"A year from now you will wish you had started today."
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Happy Saturday Folks! Last week, Bitcoin was skyrocketing toward $25K, but was halted by overhead resistance (top Bollinger Band) at $24.6K. The discussion of if the bottom is in or not still reverberates through the news daily with many believing Bitcoin still will go below $20K, only time will truly tell who is right and who is not. Well, oTay on with the news!

Monday the price of Bitcoin closed at $23,314.20 with the majority of the news being primarily positive. Long term Bitcoin holders continue to accumulate Billions of dollars in Bitcoin in the past year; However, pundits believe ETH will flip BTC. Analyst that are bullish were: Dave the Wave, Mark Yusko, Raoul Pal, and InvestAnswers. Guy from Coin Bureau predicts "peak capitulation" ahead for the Crypto Markets. The most covered news of the day was July showing the best monthly gains since October 2021. 

On Tuesday, the price of Bitcoin was trading around $22,941.47 down slightly from Monday's close. The overall sentiment in the news remains slightly positive with many Analyst leaning more bullish than bearish. Bulls: Santiment, Rekt Capital, Credible, Smart Contracter, Inmortal, Bank of America, and Michael van de Poppe. Raoul Pal while bullish on ETH, believes there could be a max pain dip coming. Most covered news of the day was Michael Saylor stepping down as CEO of MicroStrategy. In addition, Charles Hoskinson indicated no more delays with the Vasil Fork and Swiss Sygnum Bank expanding Crypto staking with Cardano. 

By Wednesday, the price of Bitcoin closed the day at $22,846.51 once again, slightly down from Tuesday's close. The overall sentiment in the news still remained positive to neutral. The sentiment among Analyst was mixed. Bullish was Guy, Bloomberg, Raoul Pal, TechDev, and Tone Vays. Bearish was Glassnode. The most covered news of the day was the exploit on Solana based Slope Mobile hot wallets. In addition, the Senators introducing a bill establishing the CFTC for Crypto exchanges. 

Right over the hump on Thursday, the price of Bitcoin was hovering near $22.7K support. The overall sentiment was really mixed with no close direction. Analyst were bullish including InvestAnswers, Lyn Alden, and Deloitte. Travis Kling was a bit bearish on ETH. Most covered news of the day was Coinbase and Blockrock partnering to target institutional clients. In addition, Voyager received several purchase offers higher than FTX and a major Portuguese bank closed Crypto accounts. 

As the week came to a close on Friday, the price of Bitcoin was trading around $23,313.25 up slightly from Thursday's price. News sentiment remained the same with zero direction as to which way Bitcoin and the broader market will trade. Tomas Hancar said it's time to buy Bitcoin but also prepare for one more dip below $20k. Rekt Capital believes Q1 of 2023 will be the day Bitcoin turns around. Glassnode sees the most recent surge as a bull trap, while Santiment believes ETH is set to rally. Peter Brandt said his largest position is in Bitcoin and that is wise. The most covered news of the day was Lawmakers soliciting diversity data from more Crypto companies.


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