03 Aug: Wallets Attacked and Drained of $SOL and $USDC

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Happy Humpday Folks! The biggest news of the day is the Solana situation. Let's be clear, the Solana Blockchain didn't get hacked but third party hot wallets did. Many are reporting it incorrectly so it's important not to confuse the two, the former would be complete disaster for the Solana community; $SOL is down a bit but is doing okay. There are more clues coming up as to what happened but no clarity in mysterious hack.

Next in line is the news about Michael Saylor resigning as CEO, it's really a nothing burger but at the end of the day it's more bullish than bearish since he's focusing on Bitcoin full time. Meanwhile, MicroStrategy reports $918MM impairment charge on their Bitcoin holdings in Q2. An impairment charge is a process used by businesses to write off worthless goodwill. These are assets whose value drops or is lost completely, rendering them completely worthless.

Bitcoin attempts to breakout from short-term bullish pattern and is currently trading around $23,357.88; higher than where it was yesterday at the time of writing. Bitcoin does remain resilient in that it is above the 200-weekly moving average. On the 4 hour chart, Bitcoin has broken above the 20 day SMA with a MACD crossover occurring in the next 4 hour window; same for the weekly. Keep in mind, Bitcoin bulls aim for $25K price on Friday's $510M options expiry. Bitcoin wholecoiners are up $40K since June crash began so again it's all about time; wait. Think about this...Institutions turned bullish on Crypto in July with 2022’s strongest inflows of $474,000,000.

The Analyst are positive, TechDev and Scarramucci is indicating the bottom is in and Tone Vays is bullish. Meahwhile, Jordon Peterson says Bitcoin give future hope. Oxford Football club is accepting Bitcoin for ticket sales while Nigeria and UAE are interested in Crypto despite the crash. Cleanspark sold 426 Bitcoin in July; ouch. 

With the good comes the bad as nearly $5M swiped from self-proclaimed "world's most secure" exchange ZB.com. GitHub faces widespread malware attacks affecting projects, including crypto and Ex-Coinbase product manager pleads not guilty in Crypto insider trading case.



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  • Riot mined 28% less bitcoin in July and earned $9.5 million in power credits (TB | Coindesk | Cointelegraph | Decrypt
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