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By Buzzbeeg | The Crypto Cave | 21 Jan 2024

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Could Blast take Mata's spot as a leading layer 2? I think it could. Here's why.


But first I shall state the obvious advantages that Manta has. 

  • It seems to offer the same thing that Blast offers. It's a layer 2 solution that provides yield. Why should someone bother researching another one?
  • First mover advantage. This may be the biggest advantage it has! First to market always has a big advantage and it doesn't look like Blast will be full throttle until May. This gives Manta time to gain partnerships and get integrated into countless exchanges, DEX's and pools. 
  • The Manta token is in the top 100 on CoinMarketCap. They are officially an important mover and shaker in the crypto space.

So why do I think Blast could overtake Manta?


1. It's connected to the Blur NFT Marketplace. According to DappRadar Blur moved 541 million dollars worth of NFTs on its marketplace in the last 30 days. If Blast became the official layer 2 of Blur that guarantees it a large amount of volume to service. This would make Blast highly competitive against Manta despite Manta's early start. I think this is quite likely but it could be considered speculation. 

2. Great TVL in Blast than Manta. According to DeFiLlama Blast has 1.4 Billion in TVL while Manta has 435 Million TVL. This is half of Blast. However, I will point out that users are unable to withdraw from Blast until February. I am sure Manta users can withdraw now. BUT Manta has never had as much TVL as Blast. This signifies there are more users, and money on Blast even though it hasn't launched yet than there are on Manta. 

3. Slicker interface. I like how Blast looks better than how Manta looks.  I think it will be easier to use. It's more pleasing to the eye. Retail will like it better in the long run. 


It's in the best interest of the crypto community for several layer 2 services to thrive. Choices are important, the community is important, and use cases are important. I like options. I am glad to have Optimism, Polygon, Manta, and Blast. I hope they all succeed!

Don't miss out!

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I don't normally drop this many referrals but I feel bullish and want as many people as possible to have an opportunity. If you are excited about Blast comment below!

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