Roger Ver states that Bitcoin Cash will rise over 1000%

Roger Ver states that Bitcoin Cash will rise over 1000%

By BlessedBoy | The Crypto Blog | 30 Nov 2019

This cryptocurrency has been hidden in the shadows, overshadowed by other cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Libra itself. We refer to the biggest son of the original currency, fighting for the idea of ​​Satoshi, being Bitcoin Cash. This time it is Roger Ver who comes out defending the currency, claiming that the currency will grow more than 1000%.

Darkness reigns the crypto market, but there is light

It was in an interview with the people of CNBC that the former CEO of, where he made his comments. He began by emphasizing his position with respect to the currency, maintaining his position that is "the real Bitcoin."

However, he later raised regarding the current situation of cryptocurrencies. Particularly emphasizing that there have been several falls and crises with the crypto in recent months. Although within all these red numbers there is hope:

"Both Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin increased by approximately double in the last year, and increased by a couple of thousand percent in the last five years."

Posing that both father and son have grown considerably compared to the year 2018, highlighting that this year was the great purge of cryptos. Also, he includes Bitcoin Cash in his statements, something we have seen little in other professionals.

“I think cryptocurrencies are here to stay; They are not going anywhere. But ... really interesting is Bitcoin Cash. I think it has the capacity to increase a thousand times more than it is today because it seeks to become P2P cash for everyone.”

Stressing that, he argues that Bitcoin Cash has the potential to grow another thousand percent more. However, he never stands out at what time this event will occur. Therefore, it may happen in a month, a year, or even a decade.

Bitcoin Cash as an investment or currency

Continuing, Roger Ver raises the following idea:

"Bitcoin Cash has more physical stores that accept it worldwide and that more infrastructure is being built on it." He then states that "it really is an incredible investment."

Before these statements, Bitcoinist people make the following criticism :

The message seems to be a bit confusing. If Bitcoin Cash is presented as global P2P cash instead of investment, and Roger Ver really has “tens of thousands of new subscriptions every day on,” then why does he need to appear on CNBC, with a “potential” price of 1000x?

Perhaps because spending $ 200 million on improving infrastructure and getting stores to accept BCH will not generate the much-needed traffic on the platform. However, telling them that their “investment” could increase thousands of percent could, but then, don't we have Bitcoin for that?

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