Crypto are stronger than markets. Here's why.

Crypto are stronger than markets. Here's why.

By Aloox | The crypto and the future | 8 May 2020

Hi everybody,

I just analysed the difference between traditionnals markets and crypto markets and here's my conclusion : traditionnal markets, associated to the actual monetary system is clearly out of the game.

A crisis reveal the real potential of a market and in particulate the trust in it.

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We just have to watch the evolution during crisis. 

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We can see that the curve is elevating after the krach but the question is : why ?

Shops, malls, restaurants, bars, companies are closed. There is no demand and no purchases because everyone is in quarantine so why ?



This is all artificials. The FED and all this money printers injected money in order not to let people panic. It's a short term strategy.

Now let's see the crypto market :

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The krach is almost totally erased  and the goal of the crypto doesn't depends on consumption but on trust in this future of monetary system.


Moreover, institutionnals are starting to invest in cryptos so they trust them. The crypto markets are healthy but the traditionnals aren't.

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According to me, the trust is the most important thing in a market. A market is drived by people and they are all humans with emotions and psychology. Emotions can make a market fluctuate but the trust accorded to the market is revealed by his capacity to get back at his anterior crisis level on a long period, not a short period.

I'm not an expert in markets but i can't stop laughing when i see all this experts pretending that according to the past, the evolution in the future will be that way. I just want to say that a market is drived by humans so you must have psychology in mind. 

If i follow the "experts", they can predict what millions or billions humans will do without knowing every person of the panel. I don't think so, that would be an insult to humankind and it's complexity.




 What about you ? In which one do you trust ?


French guy who love cooking, sport and cryptos. Let's share ✌️

The crypto and the future
The crypto and the future

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