Covid-19 : Time to double down on digital ?

Covid-19 : Time to double down on digital ?

By Adam Funnell | The Collective | 25 Mar 2020

Digital Business, Digital Transformation, Digital Banking … everything has gone digital, or has it? Either way, given the current situation, it is time to double down on your digital strategy.

Digital strategies have been top of many organisations’ core roadmaps or offerings for a while. The ability to reach new customers across a global market has allowed companies successfully deploying this strategy to flourish. New fortunes have been found in the form of ‘influencers’; people who have large social media follows who, as an ambassador can generate huge sales volumes by posting a short video, photograph or 256 character tweet.

Through smartphones ‘apps’ have allowed tech embracing businesses to open new channels, launch new business models and change the way we shop and interact with each other and the wider world.


Post the initial COVID19 cases being identified, this strategy should be used by business as a responsible safe distance method of transacting with both customers and employees. This builds from the government and scientific advice is to stay at home. On the back of this advice, businesses are pivoting - this means taking their businesses online.

Take for example Crosstown Donuts, a London based business that sells donuts and coffee in over 20 locations.

This business relies on tourist and commuter customers and with the reduction of customers due to travel restrictions, they had to change their model, fast! Over the period of a week, a new business Crosstown Collective has been built. Crosstown Collective is a food delivery service where you can order artisan foods (including the famous donuts) to be delivered to your door.

They have combined with other small businesses and hope to not only weather the pandemic, but build a new business and enjoy a larger customer base. Retaining customers during this period is key, for example, PT’s and gyms are switching to online classes and workouts.

Meanwhile, intelligent online learning platform, Tassomai is offering free access to schools in a bid to help students who have to work from home. In the long term this will help the platform embed itself in these institutions and build its customer base.

Success stories like this, and others such as pubs and restaurants pivoting to home delivery, are all well and good, but how do you get your message out?

This is already a crowded market full of influencers, twitters, memes and Adwords.

At the Collective we help firms pivot, using our marketing mix, and help them build an online offering, navigate the potholes of digital marketing and ensure that your message is heard above the noise. This will ensure you find, but importantly retain your customer base.

Please contact us to discuss a no obligation quote to help pivot your business in these uncertain times.

Adam Funnell
Adam Funnell

Passionate about disruptive technology. I hold BTC, Ethereum and smaller holdings in WXT, BAT, and BNB.

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