4 Year Journey A Bitcoin HODL Story

By Ino | The Ceremony | 19 Jul 2023


  Before I even knew what a halving cycle was my plan was to Hodl Bitcoin for 3 years and then use it as a means to an end. Was that just a coincidence? Probably like most of you, I invested in Bitcoin before I truly understood what it was. I joined a revolution that was against the failing fiat system, one still perpetuated today to a new batch of normies. Did you take the time to understand the financial ponzi scheme? Are you ready for Hyperbitcoinization? Where Bitcoin is ubiquitous and used to settle payments in 10 mins or less, 1 hour or less or 2 hours or less. I have transition from wanting to trade Bitcoin for inflating fiat currencies and to participating in a circular economy.





 I totally find myself agreeing with the Crying Wojak's points against the Giga Chad. But who am I to be such a Bitcoin purist, this is only my first cycle? Somebody so rigid in his stance about how Bitcoin should be used.

  " This is what it is okay? I said empty your mind.

Be formless, shapeless like water.

You put water into a cup. It becomes the cup.

You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle.

You put water into a teapot it becomes the teapot.

Water can flow or water can crash. 

Be water my friend."

 Shall I just go with the flow where people speculate on Pepe meme coins and clog up the limited bandwidth of the network and now instead of waiting 10 mins for confirmations. I can wait 1 hour for 1 confirmation and another hour for the rest? You turned Bitcoin into Bitcoin Cash except the transaction fees are higher than normal because of the network congestion. Here is the first problem with Bitcoin.

  I) 1 MB blockchain header size has not kept up with data inflation

  A block header of 80 bytes was fine for 2009 in a barely used network but in 2023 with many hoping mass adoption is just around the corner, it doesn't cut it. IT WILL NEVER SCALE.

But Bitcoin Lightening... if the base layer is our main settlement and the base layer has a small throughput: you can't increase the size of your bandwidth by adding second faster layer. Layers scale upward meaning that the fastest Layer is the bottom and it builds up from there not the other way around. Plus with the blockchain Trilemma you can't increase scalability without affecting decentralization and security. There aren't enough nodes on the Lightening Network to ensure security which actually caters to centralization and potential censorship.

 Bitcoin forks such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision were meant to fix this with block headers of 32MB but by Market Cap neither of these coins have been adopted enough to secure their blockchain's security or rival usage from the original chain.


  II) One CPU = One Vote

  The escalation of Bitcoin's Hashing power is it's weakness. Who among you who Hodl Bitcoin are running a node? Running a node is going to give you a say with Bitcoin Core's implementation to upgrades to Bitcoin's protocol. If they implement an upgrade that you don't agree with you don't have to upgrade your node's software. Now Mining Bitcoin and running a Node are two different things. Mining Bitcoin requires an ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit Rig which only purpose is to solve Mathematical equations to solve a cryptographic problem to successfully claim a Bitcoin reward for mining a block. A node is a computer with the whole history of Bitcoin transactions that gets updated with each Bitcoin block mined.

  It is a problem that in the future there won't be Bitcoin rewards to incentivize miners to support the network. Instead transaction fees will be increased to incentivize Miners. I'm aghast today at paying $15.00 for a single transaction: how about $50.00, $100.00 or $250.00 per transaction. This will be a network for the rich because they can afford it and they are the only ones able to maintain the Bitcoin Mining Infrastructure. The Hash rate secures the network so securely that it constricts right out of decentralization into a centralized bottle neck with ASICs only and a network that can no longer be supported by the average person's resources. The network would be less secure if we didn't use ASIC never the mind the time traveler from the future crying about the energy, why has the network become so exclusive? This is not the way.


 III) Public Ledger

  Why do I need a bank account that is open to the public? In the social credit system in China: your account balance, identification and address are publicly posted to shame citizens with a low social credit score and re-enforce acceptable behavior. Do you know how I know Bitcoin culture is gay? Bitcoin Conference is all about Shilling; 'let's create these payment infrastructure to monetize Bitcoin to fix scalability problems.' Comic Con used to be a Con about comics until it grew and grew and it became about everything except comics. How could we have forgotten the Crypto Anarchist Manifesto?

 There are solutions to privacy and anonymity but it takes time and passion to learn about them. Did you know a Bitcoin wallet should only be use once per transaction? Let's say you cared about privacy and you wanted to buy Ssaurel's new book The Truth About Bitcoin and you had 0.01 BTC in your wallet. $20 USD = 0.006594 BTC. You would move your Bitcoin to Samurai Wallet mix your coins to obfuscate the transaction outputs. Hopefully at this point you don't care if a CEX blacklist you for using a coin mixer but who is someone else to tell you that 1 BTC doesn't = 1 BTC most don't care and are mostly looking for Darknet Market usage. Divide your Bitcoin into 0.0049 long term Hodl into a brand new never before used wallet. 0.0024 hot wallet for trading into a new wallet. 0.00069 BTC to buy the book plus transaction fees into a new wallet (that won't reveal anything to Ssaurel about you or your BTC). Alot of work for privacy and anonymity right?    


 I personally will not be participating in a circular economy on the Bitcoin network. I only cared about the price when I was buying into the network. Bitcoin is a fluctuating store of value that if looked at through the lens of a currency is only useful for long term storage spending time is 2 weeks out of a 4 year cycle. You could subscribe to the idea about Bitcoin's past history will constantly be repeated but where does the influx of money come from when fiat ceases to exist and somehow I don't think you will be able to buy real Bitcoin with CBDCs maybe an ETF? A parallel economy is possible but are you untethered from what your country says is allowed? "What kind of freedom does one have if one can use it only as someone else prescribes?" I'm not ashamed to admit that I never bought two pizzas or donated to the Trucker Convoy! I don't need that maniac telling me that I'm holding unacceptable views while spouting his commie propaganda and shutting down my bank account.  I have more Opt Out currencies to buy! Just remember that my opinion is just that and these are my two satoshis. I didn't just tell you what you wanted to hear about number go up and once in a lifetime changing gains. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are not a hedge to me. I'm invested to participate in a Circular Economy and if not that Magic Internet Money that allows me to pay for my VPN, shop Online Marketplaces, buy anonymous E-Sim cards and while they exist and are accepted buy gift cards. But the time-frame is short. Learn how to spend Bitcoin today so you are prepared for a future that requires a digital ID for everything. Remember you can use the protocol on a Ham Radio, Cellular Networks (Noikia phones in Africa) and even a Satellite phone can be used.




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The Ceremony

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