Thanks for 400+ followers!

New Milestone: Surpassing 400 Followers!

It took a while, almost 3 years in fact and a lot of hard work and steady writing but this past weekend, I saw my follower count jump to over 400. By this morning, I'm up to 406. To all of you who chose to follow me on my writing adventure, I say 'Thank You'! I write about all sorts of topics instead of focusing on just one. 

Some authors have thousands, if not millions of followers. For little ol' me, having just crossed the 400 mark, may seem like a small number to most people but to me, represents the fruit of my labor which I take very seriously. Without your support, I would just be going around in circles. Every time I see my total follower number go up, it encourages me to write even more. You're telling me that you find my posts informative and helpful.

If you have a look at my blog and see the list of articles I've published in the last 12 months, you'll see that while I like to write often about precious metals and financial stuff, I'll also bring up totally unrelated topics. Because of this, I think it's safe to assume that I've attracted followers who have a wide range of interests, like me.

I've written about gold and silver, central banks, best selling albums, Bitcoin, oil, Kevin Bacon, quitting potato chips, the tragedy that's unfolded in the Middle East, failing currencies, thieves and San Francisco, among other topics including gardening.

I take great pleasure in writing and publishing on PublishOx. I love to engage my readers and enjoy reading the comments which I often reply to and of course, I've very appreciative of the many tips I've received. The site's format is excellent and allows all its writers a chance to get temporary top billing in the 'New' section and if an article attracts a lot of hits, then can also get featured on the 'Popular' page for the chance to get even more hits and attract new followers.

My posts often are featured on the 'Popular' page. I guess I'm doing something write!  If and when that happens, I immediately notice the hits (and the tips) shoot upward. For that, I am grateful to the site's administrators and of course, am equally grateful to all of you who choose to read my posts and even more so if you've chosen to follow me.

Next month will mark my third year writing and publishing on PublishOx and it's been a pleasure to be a part of this great community and to have helped it grow to what it is today, a fantastic site chock full of information that one might not find anywhere else. My posts are my legacy and I hope that one day, maybe long after I'm gone, they will come to good use for a future historian looking to gather vital information on whatever they're working on. They'll find it here on PublishOx.

A few days ago, I entered the Tectum SoftNotes writing contest with this article, 'Thanks for the SoftNotes, Gramma'. This is my first time entering a writing contest. Show your support by viewing the article and giving it a 'like'.  The more views and likes it gets, the better it will be ranked, increasing my chances to win a portion of the Etherium prize being given away. If you've also entered the contest, I wish you best of luck as well. 

Who knows, maybe next Christmas, you'll get something like this stuffed in your XMas stocking... so, please be good!

SoftNotes Stocking Stuffers

Thanks to everyone for choosing to follow my blog. Let's see if I can hit 500 by the end of the month.

Happy Holidays...

Peace and love to everyone!


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