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Keywords - A Powerful Tool For Bloggers

Today, let's look at keywords, these days known as 'tags' to tweak your 'Search Engine Optimization' (SEO) skills. Your creative writing will never be the same after you learn the power of carefully placing valuable keywords within your posts to generate more views.

If you're a blogger like me, attracting visitors and hopefully new followers, takes a lot of effort and patience. Hard work is a key to your success. Speaking of keys, one of the most important aspects of any article published for the internet is the choice and placement of keywords within your post.

An experienced blogger on PublishOx should be familiar with the 'Tags' input. This is where you enter your keywords, of which you're allowed up to five. They can be a single word, a series of words such as 'central bank' or a short sentence consisting of only a few words, something like 'Deep Fried Donuts'.

This is where 'Search Engine Optimization' comes into play. When a user enters words into a search engine such as Google, its algorithm will scour the internet looking for pages that have obvious matches. They do this by scanning through html coding of web pages. It can look for keywords in the header and body sections. The 'header' section is hidden behind code and not seen by your browser. It is here that coders sneak in the title of a page. It is only seen on search engine results pages. PublishOx makes it easy to create titles for your posts that simultaneously, also become titles for your pages so you don't have to worry about any fancy coding. The body of a web page's html code is of course, ultimately the post you create. 

Next time you write a post, place one or more of your keywords in the title AND in the very first sentence of your post. Adding this keyword a couple more times throughout your post is good but don't overdo it. Overkill is not pleasant to any reader. Be sure to write this keyword in the Tags section before you publish. 

Below is a screen shot of a Duck Duck Go search for the phrase 'search engine optimization' which appeared on the first results page. The phrase appears twice below,  in the title and also as the first three words of the body of the page, in bold text. This little trick can fast track your post to the front of search results, including here on Publish, increasing your chances of getting more views.

Search Engine Optimization

Choose a couple of noticeable, relevant words within your post to add as extra tags. Recall that you can add up to five separate tags. Also, make sure to often choose a keyword that one of PublishOx's categories will pick up, such as the general topic of this post, which is 'Writing'. This is critical if you want to be noticed by fellow members of the PublishOx community.

Also consider that there are sub-categories and sub-sub-categories. A good example is 'Music'. The word Music can be considered a main category while 'Instruments' can be a sub-category while a sub-category of that could be 'piano' or 'guitar'. You could go even deeper with 'strings' and 'tuning'. The words are all related, as you can see. Keywords that are 'related' can also boost your search results.

Once your post is published, not only will it be more easily found on PublishOx but also in the big search engines like Bing and Google. Allow your page to propagate throughout the internet for 24 hours and then do a search of your own post with your keywords using your favorite search engine and see how well you're tracking. A good practice is to test on multiple search engines.

For my historical post, "Imperial Russia's Missing 200+ Million Gold Rubles', I typed in the keywords 'Russia', 'missing', 'gold' and 'rubles' in Duck Duck Go's search engine and made it onto the second page, as shown below. That's really good, considering the competition could number in the thousands or even millions of web pages, especially since the top listings are usually paid advertisements.

Imperial Russia's Missing 200+ Missing Gold Rubles

See the keywords in bold? Ultimately, all four keywords show up. It's clear what the article is about. As a result, it's chances of getting noticed are greatly enhanced. Keywords can be any word yet, the catchier the better. The more common a word is can also add standing. A word can be as simple as 'apple' or 'tree' but when placed properly and strategically, can become powerful keywords that can significantly increase your viewership.

Your first sentence should not only have one or more keywords but also a clear outline / summary of what your post is about. The example search result image above shows the first lines of my post. Viewers searching for related stories will know exactly what this page is about, again increasing your chances of getting more views.

Search engines also scan for images and other media. When uploading media such as a photo / jpeg, be sure to sneak in a tag or two into the image's title, as I did with the banner image for this article. Even your images might land you some views as they too may pop up in search results. 

Hint: Even 'PublishOx' is a powerful keyword! As the site grows and adds thousands of new pages every month, its standing continues to grow in search results. That's likely because the site's administrators have submitted the site to be indexed by the biggest search engines. If a site has only a few dozens pages, search scans will likely pass it in favor of a site that has thousands of pages and a high amount of traffic such as PublishOx.

If you're wondering which keywords I've used for this post, they are: keywords, seo, creative writing, tags and search engine optimization. Notice how I snuck a tag in the title and simultaneously placed most of the tags within the first sentence. All the tags appear within the first two sentences. They also appear throughout the body. So have fun with tags, also known as keywords and watch the number of views for your posts increase substantially.

That's it for now. Thanks for your support!

Peace and love to everyone!

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