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'Earning A Living As A Blogger'

Keeping a steady supply of posts on hand.


In this fifth installment, I'd like to write about 'Steady Supply'. What I mean by that is to have a steady supply of articles to keep your viewers engaged. If you only publish one post in an entire month, chances are you'll struggle to find new followers and keep old ones. Once a week is definitely better but if you're serious about making a living as a blogger, The more articles you can put out there, the better.

Ideas for articles can come out of nowhere. They can come from a news article or a video you saw. The best bloggers can publish multiple posts per week and often on a daily basis. It's also OK to take a break once in a while. We all could use a good vacation now and then. That's why it's good practice to write an extra post or two for publishing at a later date. It would be easy to log in while vacationing and publish an article you might have written the month before. This would give the appearance that you're 'still at your desk'.

Another good reason to publish often is that by doing so, your monetized posts go to work so they can generate income. The more posts you have published, the likelier you'll get click-thrus. After a while, you'll have generated dozens and eventually hundreds of posts. If you were to write two posts a day, technically that would be over 700 posts a year!

That's really pushing it though. Five posts a week would amount to over 240 articles. Here on PublishOx, we're allowed to publish two posts every 24 hours. If you were to publish 2 posts a day, five days a week, you're looking at close to 500 posts in just 12 months.

The post you're reading now was completed about a week ago. I made some final tweeks before publishing but otherwise, it was ready to go. Always remember to proof read before you finally publish your article.

It takes a while to develop a reputation and earn the respect of your visitors. If you stick with it and publish on a regular basis, your repertoire will grow quickly as well as your fan base. Prospective ShareASale merchants might come to you with an invitation to connect as a affiliate. When they see that you're working hard and have a constant supply of articles with steady views, they'll know they'll have a better chance of their ads / links being seen.

If you've already got a nice repertoire of posts, it would be a good idea to re-edit your more popular posts that continue to increase in viewer hits and place a ShareASale ad in there so it then goes to work for you.  Of course, you can place an ad / link in all your previously published posts if you have the time.

But what happens if I suffer from writer's block? It happened to me last summer and it lasted about two weeks. It bothered me that I couldn't write but since the weather was nice, I spent most of those days in my backyard garden, which is kind of like a Zen Garden. I focused on my gardening duties and then, wouldn't you know it, I started getting new ideas that eventually led to a new post on backyard gardening. 

Sometimes, we just need to stop for a bit and recharge. Your urge to write will get the better of you and you'll be back at it in no time. I keep pen and paper nearby so I can jot down some notes, ideas for future posts. I jotted down some notes a few days earlier while thinking about computer technology and it eventually morphed into this post.

Taking notes is a great way to help keep a steady supply of posts going. Multiple ideas can become one post or multiple ideas can become several posts. That's the true joy of creative writing. You can create whatever you like!

Often, we're anxious to publish as soon as our posts are completed. There's certainly nothing wrong with that at all. Yet, setting some completed articles aside for later publishing might come in handy when you need a break or an emergency comes up. Even if writer's block temporarily strikes, those unpublished posts will come in handy.

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Peace and love to everyone.


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